Sunday Round Up – What’s Your Flava?!

Sunday Round Up – What’s Your Flava?!

Yeah, that title was inspired by a gross Craig David song. It’s Sunday night, I’ve eaten a lot of sweets, my brain has clearly turned to mush! I’m still here with your Sunday night round up though and I have some delicious lookin’ stuff lined up!

Firstly I need a slice of Tiffany’s Apple Pie. Stat. Just look at that perfect crust and those beautiful apples.

If nobody’s willing to bring me pie I’d happily take one of these yummy looking Raw Caramel-Fudge Brownies from Vegan Gourmet Caravan instead!

As you can probably tell I really don’t need any more sugar right now but if one of the Vegan Twix bars The Laziest Vegans blogged about appeared in front of me I wouldn’t turn it down!

If you’d like your sweet treat on the fancy side these Peanut Butter & Sambal Wontons with Chocolate Sauce from Olives For Dinner would be right up your street. Just look at them! Perfection.

Not really in the mood for making your own dessert today? Well, I can’t blame ya, it is Sunday after all! If, like Jess Sconé, you’re stuck in NYC because of the impending storm you can head out (maybe…are you allowed to go out if there’s a storm coming?) and get a delicious doughnut from DunWell. If not, well, whip up a mug brownie and get settled in for the night!

That concludes my Sunday round-up, I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and I hope to see ya’ll in the blogosphere tomorrow!

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