MoFo 2105 is coming in September!

MoFo 2105 is coming in September!

Oh hello!

The VeganMoFo team are back and we’re here to shake things up!

Blogging has changed a whole lot since Vegan MoFo began thanks to the dawn of social media and the, yeah I’m gonna say it, corporatization of the blogging world. We’ve decided to evolve, diversify, move with the times, and take our beloved Vegan MoFo down a new more contemporary path.

The online vegan community has grown so much in recent years, and our time is stretched thin between our blogs, vlogs, Pinterst boards, cookbook projects, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds. But, all too often, the connections we’re making are superficial. MoFo is a time to get to know each other, to make real and lasting connections and to step out of your comfort zone and promote veganism in your own physical communities.

This year you can officially participate in VeganMoFo on your blog, on your vlog and on Instagram. There will be a more simple sign up sheet (watch this space) and we will make lists of all of the bloggers, all of the vloggers, and all of the Instagrammers and have that available here. You can totally be on both lists. There will be no RSS feed this time around. If you tried to use it last year you know, as well as we do, that without Google Reader (RIP) it just isn’t the same and it doesn’t work.

If you’re an Instagram participant using the official hashtags #vgnmf15 as well as #veganmofo is super important and if you’re a blogger make sure you get yourself signed up in time so that we can keep an eye on your creative wonderful MoFoing.

The basic premise of Vegan MoFo still stands – get the word out there about how amazing and delicious vegan food can be. That means using those #’s, tweeting up a storm and sharing far and wide on Facebook. Is there a vegan blogger or Instagrammer out there who you love but who hasn’t participated in MoFo before? Reach out to them! Get them involved!

Whilst we won’t be doing daily round ups here anymore we will be doing weekly round ups as well as Instagram round ups. We’ll also be regramming our favorite Instagram posts on the official VeganMoFo Instagram account.

Now, here’s what you’ve really been waiting for… This is how MoFo is changing. This year’s VeganMoFo is a VeganMoFo Challenge and we’re laying down some official VeganMoFo Challenge guidelines!

Whilst we love it when you come up with amazing monthly themes and challenge yourselves with all kind of off the wall ideas we wanted to give y’all a little guidance this year. If you can make that Eastern European Desserts theme you had in mind fit within our guidelines then power to you, you go for it, but otherwise take a step back from the rigidity of a theme, have a think on our official VeganMoFo Challenge guidelines and join in with as many as you can. We thought it would be really fun for everyone to be talking about the same thing and would give more inspiration than the ole’ here-is-my-green-smoothie posts. (though if you only eat green smoothies, that’s fine!)

The idea is to shoot for 30 posts over the month of September and you can do them all on your blog, all on Instagram or all over the vegan blogosphere or the world-wide VEGAN web. Whatever floats your boat. Pin other mofos that inspire you! SnapChat your vegan secret ingredients! Periscope your kitchen! YouTube recreating a childhood meal with your grandma and treasure it forever. Endlessly discuss things on the PPK. Tag your friends on Facebook to join the fun. Twitter your veganmofo anxieties. Tumblr EVERYTHING!
There will be prizes for participation (more info coming soon!) so try to take part in as many days as you can!
Remember that these are guidelines and open to your interpretation; for example for the Fusion Challenge you could eat at a fusion restaurant (Tex-Mex anyone?) or go all out, pick two cuisines and create a cohesive & delicious (or downright disastrous & hilarious!) dish.

Every day in September will have a different prompt, We will remind you on instagram and twitter what the prompt is for the day but here they all are starting with September 1:

1 Rise and Shine! It’s MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast.
2 Recreate a meal from your childhood.
3 Quick, easy and delicious.
4 Tell us about a weird food combo that you love.
5 Best sandwich ever.
6 Re-create a restaurant meal.
7 Make / eat some thing inspired by a book or film.
8 Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it.
9 Most retro recipe.
10 Something blue.
11 Focus on a nutrient
12 Tell us about your favourite cookbook!
13 It’s kitchen tour time!
14 Share something vegan (and delicious, duh!) with a non-vegan.
15 OMG, Barack Obama is coming over because he knows you make awesome vegan food! What are you going to make?
16 What’s your favorite late summer food?
17 Make (or eat!) a traditional local dish.
18 Honor a human or non human animal who inspires your veganism.
19 Lunch on the go.
20 Veganize an old family recipe.
21 Autumn equinox eats.
22 Make a dish using all seasonal produce.
23 Fusion Challenge!
24 What (inset well known person) would eat if they were vegan.
25 Share your favorite cuisine.
26 It’s cold and rainy and there’s a snow drift outside your door! What are you going to make using the ingredients you have?
27 Favorite herb or spice?
28 Tacos VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?
29 What would you bring on a vegan road trip?
30 What three endless food supplies would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island? (Imagine your nutritional needs have been met, these are a bonus!)

We are hoping this will be more fun and it will be easier to make connections and get involved. This year you can’t really do it wrong so please join in the fun!

Jojo & LazySmurf

80 thoughts on “MoFo 2105 is coming in September!

  1. Yay for an updated way to do mofo. I’m another who was hesitating but is now super excited. I was reading on my phone…did I miss the month? Is it in September again?

    1. Awesome! We’re excited that you’ll be taking part. You didn’t miss the month we were just so overexcited that we totally forgot to include it! Haha! It’s September.

  2. Initial moment of being rally annoyed because I’ve been working on my theme for this year since about Christmas. But then that soon goes and I just get SUPER DUPER EXCITED AND I CANT WAIT TO START. I’ll just throw out everything I did for my theme when ever I fancy it, which will possibly be more fun as no pressure to eat a million rice cakes before September. AND I LOVE THE CHALLENGES!!!! I can’t wait. I want to start one, like, right now!

  3. I love this so much. The themes are great. Thank you for putting all that time and work into this. Can’t wait for September now.

  4. FunI did have a theme already picked out and I’m almost positive I’m not going to be able to do the 30 days cause I’ve a baby that is supposed to arrive smack bang in the middle, but I’m totally up for the challenge!

    Where do we sign up? 😀

  5. Wow! This is something I could totally get behind this year! I just found the Instagram account and can’t wait to see the list of challenges there too, even if week by week. Sounds fun!


    1. The instagram prompts will be the same! Hopefully we will all be talking about the same thing on the same day 🙂

  6. I’m confused. 🙁 Are we supposed to pick one prompt and use it for the whole month? Or do 1 on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd, and so on? Or just do them in any random order?

    1. Sorry, I will rewrite a bit to make it more clear, every day of the month has a different prompt!

  7. Hmm, not so happy about the change. I’ve been working on a theme (which happens to be about sandwiches #5) and really don’t want to start over. Should I publish them all on day 5? Or do I just take a liberal view of the themes and say a sandwich fits them all?!

  8. Yeah, I’m really disappointed too. I’ve actually never had a theme before but I was going to do one this year. And even if I weren’t, the challenges are cool and I’m glad people are excited about them, but I would much prefer they be optional. I find them much more constraining than motivating. Unfortunately if this is the only way to participate, this totally kills my interest this year =/

    1. I agree, surprised that themes are considered rigid yet have been replaced with something absolutely rigid. Why not give people a choice, mofo previously has been fun with some brilliant themes but seeing hundreds of people talking about the same thing every day seems far more rigid to me 🙁

      1. Yes, exactly. I would get really stressed trying to meet these particular challenges on the “right” day, not to mention it would be hard not to compare myself to what everyone else was doing.

          1. I agree! I was excited to participate this year and had a bunch of ideas. I sat down to sign up yesterday and was sad to see the changes. The daily prompts are so restrictive, and quite a few just don’t interest me. Kind of feels like a Facebook quiz. I may just wait and see if next year is more “free-form”.

  9. This will be my first time participating, and I was also jazzed about a theme – but no matter, the prompts look fun too! Can’t. Wait.

  10. What a perfect timing! I am a little short on time this year for full-fledged blogging and was feeling sad that I will not be able to participate in VeganMoFo. With Instagramming, now I totally can. Thanks a bunch and looking forward for September already. 🙂


    1. Oh! the prompt for a day is a MUST? I got that point only after reading last few comments. 🙁 Oh well, I will pass this year then. I was expecting to be a cook-whatever-you-want-vegan like every year.

      Good luck everyone. 🙂


  11. All I can say is YAY! I look forward to meeting more people, seeing lots of yummy vegan food, and not having to write out super lengthy posts on my blog (I might do 2 or 3 since it’s been so long) but I’m definitely happy this is happening on IG!

  12. So excited for VeganMoFo this year! This will be my second time and I am accept the challenge to diversify my blogging, tweeting, youtubing, posting options. Let me know how to sign up.

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