oh…hey there… blogging world…!

oh…hey there… blogging world…!

Hi everyone,

Bazu here, dipping my toes in the blogging waters for the first time in ages. Even though my own blog is on indefinite hiatus, I was thrilled to be asked to be a MoFO rounder-upper again this year.

For my first round-up, I’m showcasing some blogs by new, transitioning, or not-quite- vegans. First up, my friend JessieBea (who for some totally unknown reason left frozen Syracuse for sunny Southern California recently) reviews a great restaurant in the Valley. This is especially near and dear to my heart because my parents live in Van Nuys and I know I’ll be hitting up the Hummus King when I visit them:

hummus and ... omg, is that veg SHWARMA??!

Next, another Southern CA restaurant: OMGosh I’m Vegan posts this, possibly the perfect take-out meal, the Happy Vegan from Tender Greens. You need to hop over to the blog to see the full monty of “tabbouleh, hummus, pasta pearls, faro wheat, young kale and tender greens”.

Damn... perfection in a takeaway container!

If you guys know me, you know that I don’t shy away from controversy. That is why this brownie post from the Not a Rabbit blog so appealed to me- sister isn’t afraid of saying it like it is. And I quote,

“They say that people fall into two groups when it comes to brownies-
1) Those who like cakey brownies
2) Those who like fudgy brownies.

At the risk of being controversial, I think there is only one group:

1) Those who like fudgy brownies (known otherwise simply as “Brownies”).”

Sing it! If you like cakey brownies, go eat some chocolate cake. If you like exquisite fudgy brownies, then try her recipe.

yes... yesss... my precious...

Next up, perhaps you need to cut some of that sweetness a bit? Stephanie from Newly Vegan gives a recipe for tofu bacon. Go check it out because if you’re anything like me, this needs to be part of your immediate future:

nom NOM

Whether you’re a new vegan, an old hat, or just a sometimes vegan, sometimes convenience is really nice. I like Gardein. And Deena at Libra Loves reviews a product I’ve never tried, but now clearly need to: Gardein Stuffed Turkey!

'Tis the Season, MoFOs

And finally, since this post is a shout-out to those dabbling in the vegan arts, a reminder of what many of us had to learn the hard way, brought to you by the Healthy Honey, Hungry Hubby blog:

not vegan!

Not all non-dairy creamer is actually non-dairy. I know, right?


18 thoughts on “oh…hey there… blogging world…!

  1. That Gardein stuffed roast is what Whole Foods offers as their vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas entree. Even my omni husband thinks it’s better than turkey.

  2. Really, when it comes to brownies, there are two groups: those who have brownies, and those who wish they had brownies. All the rest is meaningless…

  3. I know Hummus King has pretty great food, and it’s amazing that they have vegan shawarma, buuuuuuuuuut, my boyfriend worked there and the owner/manager is a terrible and rude and evil conniving con artist. He hires workers, gets them to work as much as he can for as long as he can, without pay, and then when they start to complain, he fires them. He never puts them through any W-2 paperwork so there is no proof. Therefore, I don’t recommend them, simply because you would be supporting said terrible person’s business.

    I apologize for the long comment, but I thought people should know the type of person you’re supporting when you’re enjoying your hummus and vegan shawarma.

    Elf Cafe has vegan shawarma, I recommend you go there.

    P.S. They have hard-boiled eggs so they’re not completely vegan.

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