Quick Thursday Night Roundup 10/22

Quick Thursday Night Roundup 10/22

Well, we only have a week to go and I wanted to do a Halloween roundup but there is hardly any Halloweeny love!  What’s all this, please?  So this MoFo is brought to you by things that are made of awesome.


Andrea from Very Vegan Holiday is getting ready for a huge party.  She’s got some great ideas in tune with the holiday spirit.  Just look at these fabulous pumpkin bat cookies.


Nothing calls to me quite like a delicious brunch or brinner.  If you say “waffles,” I’m there!  So, naturally, I gasped when I saw these.waffles

Ooh!  Check out this badass giveaway from Jeanette at Vessels and Wares.  Awesome VeganMoFo merch!giveaway

Woah.  Is it nog season and nobody told me?!  Much thanks to Vegansaurus for the heads up.silk nog


Finally, check out these lower fat pumpkin muffins courtesy of the Vegan Minded Blog.twopump
That’s all for now.  Only one week to go.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Keep on pushing, MoFos!



10 thoughts on “Quick Thursday Night Roundup 10/22

  1. I think most of us just got our Halloween fix out of the way early, but I’m sure they’ll be more closer to the actual holiday. I’m still lovin’ all the pumpkin stuff.

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