Vegan MoFo Round Up: The Crazy Awesome.

Vegan MoFo Round Up: The Crazy Awesome.

Hi MoFoland! Let’s get to the point: today’s round up features photos from the blogs that blew my mind with Crazy Awesome veganness.

First up, it’s no surprise that we have my fellow MoFo organizer and PPKer, Mo of Mo Betta Vegan, with her “Meat”Cake.

Just look at the layers and colors in this masterpiece!!!!!!!!!

Next up, we have Épinards au Jambon, or Spinach with “Ham”, from Affectionknit on The Vegan Version, because her plating style is crazy adorable:

This is one of countless blogs I’m glad MoFo has brought into my life.

The next one is from The Betty Crocker Project on Meet the Shannons. Crazy good looking & sounding Baked Mac & Scheese & Daiya Cups. Totally food porn that jumps off the screen and I want on my desk for lunch.

Moving along, we have Chocolate Covered Katie and her crazy coconut oil roasted “candy”, aka brussel sprouts, from her post I Ate Candy for Dinner. You confront those scared of vegetables, Katie!


Frozen mango chunks are one of my favorite snacks ever, so Christie’s ca-ra-zy frozen and raw recreation of a Mango Weiss Bar on Follow Your Bliss really caught my eye:

This news on Doug’s Cooking Blog about Allston Cafe in Boston closing (formerly Herrell’s) was just crazy sad. Ah, college memories.

In happier, vibrant news, the Jamaican BLTS on Vegan, Today! are indeed, crazy awesome, I’m sure:

Kudos on the toasting job!! And addition of sprouts!!

Holiday “Ham” Test Run from Vegan in the Sun. Seriously, Taymer, Seriously! This just may be the epitome of crazy awesome.

Finally, we have Binklesworth’s recent NYC visit on Adventures in Veganism, because I’m crazy jealous of their vegan ice cream choices of Peaches & Cream, Cardamom Pistachio and Maple Walnut at Stogo:

Happy Friday MoFos! If I missed your crazy awesome post today, you should totally leave a comment.

<3 jess

16 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Round Up: The Crazy Awesome.

  1. Aww!! Made me feel famous to be included among such other yumminess. Y’all are so super-cool it’s insane :).

    P.S. Someday I will get to Stogo!! (Stogo people, if you’re reading this: we need a vegan ice cream place in Dallas :).)

    *Runs off to check out this “meat” cake…

  2. Yummy! I must try Chocolate Covered Katie’s brussel sprouts. I could seriously eat brussel sprouts everyday and it’s so fun trying new recipes with them. That mango weiss bar also looks fantastic!

  3. Awwww! Buttons! That was so sweet of you to include me with all these other awesome bloggers. I really appreciate it. Vegan MoFo has been wonderful! I’ve met so many other vegan bloggers – Thanks so much!



  4. I miss our Stogo memory, Jess! Remember how we totally ate ice cream with A. Cumming? I’m remembering that right, right? x

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