Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

And the winners are…

gilding lilies – “Teese pizza please, with some vegan hot chocolate with Dandies for desert!”


Sarah – “I would make pizza if the cheese is mozz style. But if it’s cheddar style I’d try it out in broccoli cheddar soup, melted on a broccoli covered baked potato, or in some jalapeno cheddar beer bread. Yeah, buddy. As for the marshmallows, I’ve always enjoyed watching them bloat up real big in the microwave. So I’d probably just sit them on top of some graham crackers and nuke away to my heart’s content.”

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Two things that make it much easier to stay vegan these days are the selection of vegan cheeses and marshmallows. One company, Chicago Soy Dairy, is committed to producing quality vegan products like cheese, ice cream, and marshmallows.

Today two lucky readers can win a couple of Chicago Soy Dairy’s excellent products.

Today we’re giving away:


Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

Toast them, make s’mores, make rice crispies treats, or just eat them straight out of the package. Dandies taste just like traditional marshmallows, but are made without the nasty traditional ingredients.


Teese Vegan Cheese

One of the first truly meltable tasty vegan cheeses, Teese works great on pizza, sandwiches, over pasta, and just about anything else you can dream up. It’s available in four tasty flavors – mozzarella, cheddar, creamy cheddar sauce, and nacho cheese sauce.

Two lucky winners will receive one package of Dandies and Teese each!

Now to enter into the contest just tell us how you’ll use your cheese and marshmallows! Hopefully not together, but we’re not judging…much.

Leave a comment and we’ll pick two winners at random, tonight around 10pm EST. Sorry, folks, but this one is limited to U.S. mailing addresses, only.

86 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

  1. I would use the marshmallows to either create a vegan rice crispy treat or vegan smores. Now the cheese I would use on a vegan pizza and possibly for nachos

  2. I’m gonna enter this because if I’m lucky enough to get chosen then I would like to nominate it to an American friend if that’s alright.
    I would smother a pizza in that Teese and the Marshmallows I would just simply toast on my new log burner that is chucking out so much heat right now that I’m actually typing this in my underwear. Too much information?

  3. I have been making my own cheeze from the Stepaniak book but it’s a little laborious. Would love to try the infamous TEESE. And who doesn’t want a little marshmallow in our coco now and then!

  4. Two words: Teese pizza. Though I would also love to try some sort of bruschetta with Teese. Maybe bruschetta pizza!!

    And I’ve been wanting to try making s’mores cookies and/or rocky road cookies with Dandies. Mmm.

  5. I will use the teese cheese in grilled cheese sandwiches, melt over pizza, for mac & cheese, for dipping nachos and on my pasta dishes (especially a veggie lasagna, yum!)

    The Dandies marshmallows I’ll use in my vegan hot chocolate or to make s’mores and vegan rice crispy treats.

    And now I’m hungry, 😉

  6. Yup, I will go along with the crowd here.

    Rice Crispy Treats for sure, and it’s a toss up between a loaded veggie pizza with the Teese, or Mac & Cheese, baked with a crispy bread crumb topping.

    Mmmmmm, this is making me hungry… I wonder if there is enough in the Teese package to do both? Hope I get to find out!

  7. I would melt the mashmallows in my hot chocolate and maybe make some cookies with them. Never tried these.

    I’d put teese on pizza and tacos. Never tried this brand either!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Well, even though you don’t encourage it, I will use the products together. I’ll be making a grilled cheese fluffernutter sandwich. Thank you very much.

  9. Yeah!
    I’d use the marshmellows in a great recipe I just saw today to make a no-bake pumpkin chiffon pie.
    The cheese.. Oh, the possibilities are endless! pizza, burritos, melted over sweet potatoes and peppers for breakfast..

    Yum Yum!

  10. Hi, great combination on the giveaway. It sounds like some of the combinations I end up with after scavenging the bottom drawers of the fridge.

    I have to say that having a banana split in all its glory, including tofu or coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, melted marshmallow, and nuts and oh, oh, yeah, a cherry. Mmmm.

    If I’m going for a dessert then I’m going all the way, not some whimpy cookie or cold weather beverage! Charge into the Valley of the Calorie!!

    And Teese, well, I love to melt soy cheese on almost everything. My go to lunch is a quick and easy lightly toasted Ciabbata roll with my local Not Chicken Salad from Earthly Eats in NYC piled on high. Then pile on Teese and melt under the broiler. Finish by topping with mixed greens. Crunch, creaminess, chew, bite. Mmmmm.

    Marty’s Flying Vegan Review
    vegan tees at

  11. I’d use the marshmallows for ambrosia(tropical fruit) salad….and cheese to mix with salsa, melted over tortilla chips!

  12. That cheese is going on my salad and the marshmallows I’m going to eat them straight out of the bag., maybe dip them in peanut butter.

  13. Macaroni and Teese casserole! With crispy bread cube topping… mmmm. And Dandies are definitely made for dipping in dark chocolate and rolling in crushed candy canes!

  14. I’d actually get to roast marshmallows over our fire pit with our friends and neighbors (instead of just watching) and add them to some spiked hot chocolate in these coming chilly days. As for the Teese, I’m making some tomato soup this week, and I would love to make a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it…or to just enjoy on its own!

  15. YUM!
    Well, the holidays are coming up, so I’d love to use the dandies to make some old-school marshmallow topped yams! And as for the Teese, I’ve been dying to try it on homemade pizza….

  16. What a doofus! I hit post too soon and can’t figure out how to edit my comment! Vegan smores and teesy burritos for me.

  17. I want to win! I will use my marshmallows in rocky road brownies and the teese I will use for a grilled cheese pizza. I don’t know what that is but I will share it with you, lovely lovely blog drawing people.

  18. OOOh it would be dandy if I win these I teese you not bahaha. I would make veganville s’more please voopee pies with the dandie candy and teese and chive bisquits with the teese.

  19. I got to try Teese for the first time last week and I think I fell in love! If I were to win it, I’d make my childhood favorite baked ziti. As for the dandies, a simple marshamllow toasted over a fire sounds good to me! The sweet potato idea above sounds good too! 🙂

  20. I would use the Dandies for marshmallow brownies (and save a handful for some Mexican hot chocolate!) and the Teese for “sausage”/cheese bisuits and probably a casserole.

  21. The cheese would find its way onto my next pizza and the marshmallows would be cause for chocolate fondue night!

  22. Easy!
    I’ll use the marshmallow to make a finally vegan sweet potato casserole and the cheese to make that pizza on the packaging. drool.

  23. Oh man the kids go nuts for vegan marshmallows. They want to try them in hot cocoa (nuked chocolate almond milk). We’ve only had Teese once, it’s been awhile…I’d like to try them in quesadillas.

  24. I would make nachos with the cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich too. With the marshmallows, I would totally make sweet potato casserole with marshmallows for Thanksgiving!


  25. Nom Nom Nom! I’ll use the Dandies in hot chocolate, FO SHO! The Teese…mmm…I’ll use it any way I can–quesadillas, pizzas, grilled teese…..mmmmmm….


  26. I would make pizza if the cheese is mozz style. But if it’s cheddar style I’d try it out in broccoli cheddar soup, melted on a broccoli covered baked potato, or in some jalapeno cheddar beer bread. Yeah, buddy. As for the marshmallows, I’ve always enjoyed watching them bloat up real big in the microwave. So I’d probably just sit them on top of some graham crackers and nuke away to my heart’s content.

  27. I would remake my S’mores cupcakes with the marshmallows and use it in hot cocoa and the teese I ould use for pizza, nachos, and quesadillas! Yum!

  28. I have been meaning to try both of these! I can’t decide whether I would use the dandies for smores or rice crispy treats…maybe both? Of course the teese would have to go on pizza.

  29. The Teese would top a kick-arse homemade pizza… or a grilled cheese sammich. Ok, I might have to make two things.

    The Dandies would make rice krispy treats for sure. Oh man, I miss these!

  30. As a vegan & vegetarian personal chef who cooks ALL THE TIME…I could find several uses for the Dandies and Teese. For the Dandies I would start with using them as a topping for my delicious homemade hot chocolate. I would save some for Thanksgiving and use them in on top of my yummy, yummy sweet potatoe/pecan pie and for the Teese…well of course no good vegan cheese can show up without being put to the “pizza” test. I would use the Teese to make one of my AWESOME vegan veggie pizzas. Then I would have to test it on my sandwiches and wraps and lastly if I can cut a piece and eat it while I’m sipping my organic sulfite free wine and it compliments…we got a winner! I’m looking forward to trying them both!

  31. OH MY GOSH… Being Vegan in a non-vegan friendly town is so hard.. I would use these in so many ways.. Especially in Hot Chocolate, and desserts!! YUMM

  32. MMMMM…. so many good ideas! I think I would heat up some chocolate almond milk and enjoy those Dandies! The Teese would go straight into the fondue pot so I can dip my cubes of baguette and veggies.

  33. I would use the teese to veganize a terrifying sandwich that a local restaurant has called the grilled cheesus (a cheeseburger, but instead of a bun, you get 2 grilled cheese sandwiches.) I would hope to delight and frighten everyone I know with this atrocious creation. Then I would draw a picture of it for everyone to revel in the glory of the newly-christened “Grilled Teesus” and all would be well.

    I’m not going to lie, the dandies I would just eat straight up. Maybe I would make chocolate covered dandies.

  34. I would use the Teese to make a classic mac and cheese like my Nana used to make. Every so often I get to thinking about how crunchy the noodles get at the top and it just about makes me swoony. I miss her and her cooking.
    The marshmallows I would eat right out of the bag until I made myself ill. Moderation is not my strong suit.

  35. with the cold weather closing in, i would thoroughly enjoy a lovely grilled teese and hot chocolate with dandies 😀 maybe not the most original, but hey, i’m a simple girl.

  36. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! I would definitely make some ultimate rocky road-s’mores type of brownie/pie/cake thing with the Dandies (if I don’t just eat them straight up), possibly calzone or (and?!) “cheese” bread/biscuits with the Teese. 🙂

  37. I love vegan marshmallows in my hot cocoa (or hot chocolate). I use vegan cheese on frittatas, pasta, pizza and in chili and sometimes I just eat it by itself (certain brands do not taste good cold though).

  38. The only traditionally cheesy thing that I don’t like without cheese is lasagna, so I’d be all over that for the Teese. And as for those marshmallows, it’s rice krispie treats all the way! It’s been 10 years since the last time I had one…

  39. i’ve been meaning to make s’mores brownies (but i always eat all the marshmallows before getting around to baking…). and i could really go for some mac and teese right about now.

  40. There are so many good ideas here!

    I usually make pizza with Teese and just straight up eat Dandies. However, I’d love to try veganizing my grandmother’s lasagna recipe with the Teese. And for the Dandies, I’m set on making rice krispie treats or roast them over a fire (for either straight into my mouth or for smores).

  41. Just got home from work… May be too late, but what the heck!

    I just had the most delicious Teese pizza recently, and I’d love some of my own!

  42. Yum! I love Teese. Well, I’ve only had their Mozzarella flavor. Would be nice to try their cheddar. I’d use their mozz in my calzones (they work great that way). The cheddar I’d probably use on my chili or in a quesadilla! And marshmallows…well I haven’t had those in years. I used to love them in hot chocolate, so it’ll be a nice winter if I can have marshmallows in my hot cocoa (even though it doesn’t get all that cold here…). Great giveaway 🙂

  43. Well, the Dandies will be used for the Thanksgiving Barry Manilow Yam bake and the Teese, on Pizza, of course! Yum! I hope I win!

  44. With Thanksgiving coming up, and being in season definitely sweet potatoes with some yummy marshmallows on top! 🙂
    That cheesy pizza on the package looks so good that I might make a super veggie vegan pizza, but I’ve been dieing to try out a vegan spinach and artichoke dip with a good cheese!

  45. My daughter loves grilled cheese, so I would use the Teese for those. As for the dandies, what wouldn’t I use those for! 😉
    I would likely make some kind of hot chocolate with almond milk or make s’mores. Thanks!

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