Giveaway- Beans, beans, and more beans!

And our three randomly selected bean-loving winners are: Veronica, Peggy, and Kalamckala.  Check your email, you three, and congrats!

I’m willing to bet you, faithful Vegan MoFo readers, go through a substantial amount of beans in a month.  Wouldn’t it be great to have several pounds of these nutrient-packed legumes shipped to your front door…for free?!  I mean, if nothing else, it would save you a trip to the grocery store and allow you to spend more time MoFoing.

For the second year in a row we’ve received a great giveaway from the folks at PNW Farmers Coop.  Three lucky people will win three two-pound bags of non-GMO lentils, garbanzo beans, and split peas, sustainably-produced by family farmers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.  That’s enough to last you quite a while, I’d imagine!

If you need bean inspiration, why not turn to your fellow MoFoers?

Two Vegan Ladies cooked up some adorable Lentil Sliders that look both tasty and satisfying.Or how about some Moroccan Pumpkin Hummus, recipe provided by Robin Robertson?

If you’re all about the split peas, perhaps Cupcakes and Kale will inspire you with  her Curried Chana Dal Soup.

To enter, leave a comment below by 4:00 PST 10/3/2012, telling us about your favorite bean or bean dish to prepare.  Be sure to include a valid email address so that we can contact you.  Three winners will be randomly selected and announced an hour (or so!) after the giveaway is closed.  This giveaway is open to folks in the U.S. only.

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122 Responses to Giveaway- Beans, beans, and more beans!

  1. Laura says:

    I love toasting chickpeas!

  2. Holly says:

    I am a bean lover! As a kid I wouldn’t eat any beans but now I have them daily. My newest favorite is Chickpeas. I love finding new ways to enjoy them.

  3. Megan says:

    The mango baked beans from Appetite for Reduction is my current favorite bean recipe. I make it in the crockpot and serve with baked sweet potatoes and garlicky kale.

  4. I love making lentil tacos!

  5. Becky says:

    This is tough, but I would have to say chickpeas are my favorite. Roasted, Chana Masala, and home made hummus are my favorite ways to have chickpeas ^_^

  6. Denise says:

    I LOVE chickpeas roasted with taco seasoning. So good!

  7. Emily says:

    Lentil burgers with hummus!

  8. I have to agree with all the roasted chickpea lovers out there, can’t be crunchy, spicy chickpeas!

  9. Ellen says:

    Hummus spread on wraps–yum! Garbanzo beans are the best!

  10. Audrey says:

    Soups or homemade veggie burgers. I love my beans!

  11. moonsword says:

    Bean burgers are my ultimate favorite. Usually a mix of whatever’s on hand…butter beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, black beans…I’ve yet to meet a bean that I didn’t like in a burger. :)

  12. Ali Seiter says:

    Chickpeas are the veritable KINGS of the entire legume world, in my humble opinion. My favorite implementation for the lovely garbanzo is this recipe for Rosemary Pistachio Hummus from The Rose Journals:

  13. Malinda says:

    I can’t even pick one favorite bean or dish, they’re all so good! But if I had to choose right this moment I would say the lentil & veggie soup from AFR. I’ve made that one multiple times and it’s always good.

  14. Mjadra–lentils and brown rice with caramelized onions. Heavenly.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Hummus is BY FAR my favorite bean dish! I eat it 3-5 times a week!

  16. Janice L. says:

    My favorite bean dish is punk rock chickpea gravy! so yum!

  17. Beardomattix says:

    I have to say, garbanzos are my all-time favorite bean. They are so hearty and versatile. Hummus is a must have in my fridge, especially Baby Zach’s brand Smoked Thai Curry Hummus, so good.

  18. Kelly R says:

    Chickpeas are, by far, my favourite bean. I could eat them at every meal.

  19. Emily says:

    Lima, lentil, soy, and baked, navy, northern, AND GARBANZO! kidneys and frijoles negro, I love beans. I love beans WOO WOO WOO. I love beans, how ’bout you? High in fiber, low in fat! Hey I bet you didn’t know that!

  20. Making falafel and hummus! my favorite thing to do during free time on the weekends is make big batches of falafel and hummus to stuff into pitas and wraps, toss in salads, or even put over rice and quinoa during the week to come. sigh.. i love falafel.

  21. Lizzie says:

    I love black eyed peas. They are my favorite for beans and rice!

  22. Michelle says:

    Infinite bean burgers and falafel!

  23. Kayla says:

    Such a difficult question! I like white bean burger, tamale pie with black beans, split pea soup, bean burritos, the list could go on forever! My personal favorite is the chickpea because I love blending the into hummus, putting them on salads, and pizza too. Although if I’m cooking for my family I’s have to say split peas. They are the only legume that I can get my family to eat!

  24. Sayward Rebhal says:

    My favorite bean dish is hummus, of course! But my son loves all kinds of beans, cold with some olive oil and nooch. He’s easy to please. 😉

  25. Rhea says:

    It would be a toss-up between hummus and Puerto Rican stewed kidney beans.

  26. Mrs Pine Nut says:

    I have to go with garbanzo beans. I love making curries with them!

  27. My favorite bean ever is the adzuki bean. Those sweet little morsels cooked with sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom sometimes even) make amazing sauce over some coconut milk matcha green tea ice cream. My favorite day to day bean is the black bean.

  28. OlympusNYC says:

    A Hummus/mushroom/raisin wrap. Sometimes I add shredded carrots. Yum.

  29. Megan says:

    Black beans are my favorite! I love a good black bean burger.

  30. It’s so hard to pick just one bean dish, but I’d probably have to say chili – because I can put in so many different beans!

  31. I love beans! My favorite beany concoction is smoky black beans mashed up for soft tacos. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  32. Erika says:

    I’ve only recently become a vegan and the bean I’m finding to be my favorite is the garbanzo. I make hummus, I roast them, I put them in salads and sandwiches. They really are a perfect food.

  33. Cadry says:

    Oh, tough choice! If I could only have one legume now and forever, I’d have to go with chickpeas, but French lentils du Puy would be a very close second. Chickpeas are so useful and versatile and fit into a myriad of cuisines.

    Refried beans – because I have an always-starving thirteen-year-old who would eat burritos until she turned into one….

    Wait, tofu is made from soybean. So there’s that too…

  35. kalamckala says:

    All beans are fantastic and underrated but I definitely eat black beans the most. With avocado on virtually anything or in a nice comfy soup!

  36. Emily says:

    I absolutely love chickpeas and never enjoy them more than in my homemade chana masala. I could eat that for days on end.

  37. Abby says:

    Lately I’ve been making huge vats of refried beans. I also love dals — Chana dal, toor dal, masoor dal, moong dal, urad dal — and I could eat chickpeas every day, for reals. Lately I’ve been really into the dals in Anupy Singla’s books.

  38. Angie Quinn says:

    Beans, Beans, Beans! Every day, in so many recipes. Our favorites are: chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, mung beans, red lentils, french lentils, split mung beans, butterbeans, lima beans, beans, beans, beans!

  39. Autumn says:

    Oh gosh, I think chickpeas are my favorite, very closely followed by black beans! I love bean stews and there are a lot of vood ones in AFR. And hummus! My life would be incomplete without it.

  40. Caitlin says:

    i love making chickpea falafel bites and also stir-fries with chickpeas..really anything with chickpeas 😉

  41. Megan says:

    Pinto is my favorite! I’m plain.

  42. Isis says:

    I like white beans best. Theyre my favorite because theyre so mild and go great with a cold salad or a hot dish with veggies and dressing!

  43. Jes says:

    jae steele’s Chipotle Black Bean Soup is the BEST. EVER. I can make it in my sleep by now. Oh, cravings!!!

  44. Michelle says:

    I love all beans! But now that the weather has cooled off here in the mid west, I am dreaming of big bowls of Lentil Soup!

  45. Veronica says:

    Beans! I ate a ton of them when I first went vegan. They were my life saver!

  46. Katie says:

    Baked falafel! Could eat it for the rest of forever. And I’ve never made my own baked beans, but I reckon that’s a really good idea, too.

  47. amy says:

    I love most beans. However, hummus is definitely one of my food groups. I can eat it on almost anything! Love the chickpea!

  48. Beth says:

    If I was stuck on a desert island and could only take one type of legume with me, it would be the humble chickpea. My favorite dish is chickpea crepes, called socca it Italy and Besan Chilla in Indian cuisine. They’re delicious!

  49. Sarah says:

    Homemade black bean burgers. I love watching my kids chow down on them. They are a great way to get them to try new veggies.” Oh, these have mushrooms in them? Maybe I do like mushrooms!”

  50. Jordyn says:

    I made three bean chili last night with black beans, pintos, and white beans. SO GOOD! But my favorite beans would be lentils or garbanzos. I get regular cravings for ethiopian spiced lentils and falafel.

  51. Mari says:

    My favorite bean dish is simple rice with chickpeas and some veggies -spinach, carrots, potatoes. So delicious!

  52. Alex says:

    Chickpea “tuna” salad is soo good! I’ve been making it for lunch all week. Who knew what a little veganaise, mustard and vinegar could do to these guys.

  53. veganlinda says:

    So many great beans, how to single out a favorite? I guess we probably use chickpeas and black beans the most. Chickpeas in the form of channa masala, hummus, salads, etc. Black beans for burritos and tamales, etc. See, I couldn’t say just one.

  54. I love the Excellent Bean Dip on Peaceful Table, it’s outrageous and goes well with the Vegan Queso Dip (not to brag or anything).

  55. Pam Greenberg says:

    I keep beans in the house at all times. I love to eat warm garbanzo beans or Black eyed peas with taco sauce any time of the year. But with the weather getting colder I have turned to Lentel Barley Stew. It’s so good.

  56. Lisa says:

    i love chick peas! Mock Tuna from Yeah, That Vegan Shit is one of my favorites!

  57. Lorien Mahay says:

    I fully believe that I could not survive without chickpeas! Chickpeas in curry, hummus, chickpeas in pasta- the list goes on and on! My all-time favorite recipe? Chickpea “tuna” salad. This one takes me WAAAYYY back! Maybe I’ll make some right now…

  58. Trista says:

    My favorite is using Navy Beans to make a nacho cheese sauce from one of Dreena Burton’s recipe books. My non-vegan friends LOVE it and say it’s exactly like that canned cheese they put on nachos at baseball games — but it’s high fiber and protein and low fat. Mmmmmm….

  59. Laura says:

    My favorite bean dish is lentils cooked with lots of cilantro and poppy seeds.

  60. Katrina says:

    I love love love black-eyed peas. Their taste is indescribably good. :)

  61. Dawn says:

    Being soy and gluten free, I use beans for ev.ry.thing. Sloppy joes, chickpea cutlets, black bean sausage. The list goes on and on. The beans I use the most are chickpeas and navy beans. They are both incredibly versatile!

  62. I love lentils in a classic Indian dal. Can’t get too much better than that.

  63. Katy says:

    beautiful chickpea
    I could eat you every day
    bringer of happy

  64. Lisa K says:

    I love me some steamy, earthy lentil soup!

  65. Gretchen says:

    Honestly, the quick, easy, lazy food I make most often is just throwing some olive oil and chickpeas in a pan, and cooking them until crunchy. Add a bit of salt, nooch, and zaatar halfway through [or rosemary and garlic], and you’ve got dinner!

  66. Nathalie says:

    I love all things beany! Right now my favorite dish is chickpeas sauteed with tons of garlic, a little olive oil, tamari, and black pepper.

  67. chickpeas!! they are so versatile. i make chickpea salad (mock tuna but i hate to even call it that), chickpea burgers, manhattan chickpea chowder, hummus so many ways, curried chickpeas, baked chickpeas, chickpeas and spinach for breakfast! omg, i could go on!

  68. Stephanie says:

    My favorite thing to eat that involves legumes/pulses is an Ethiopian dish called miser w’ot (a/k/a mesir wet, miser wot, misir w’etc.)… it’s basically lentils cooked with fried onions, garlic, ginger, berbere spice, and a bunch of veg stock. When I’m feeling fancy, I use Kittee’s recipe to make niter kibbeh (spiced Earth Balance) to use instead of olive oil. Spicy, filling, and so easy to make!

  69. Jessie says:

    black bean sweet potato brownies. hands-down. those things are amazing / dangerous 😉

  70. Kristen says:

    Chickpea tacos from Vegetarian Times – chickpeas & guacamole is genius!

  71. I have a white bean-based Southern gravy recipe that I make every weekend, and also love Isa’s Arabian lentil carrot soup from Appetite for Reduction.

  72. Chickpeas! I make hummus, chickpea salad and some curries. I love them so much, I can eat them out of the can, or heated up a bit with a little nooch!

  73. Kristin says:

    I love beans in all forms! Right this moment, I could go for a piping hot bowl of split pea soup. Or chili. Or pretty much any hearty, bean-y soup. I think I should go fix lunch.

  74. Kathy Kuhn says:

    I love, love, love beans….my favorite bean is probably the Garbanzo bean. It is so versatile! Hummus, curry, no-tuna spread, roasted sweet or savory, great in minestrone soup too! Yay garbanzo beans!

  75. Kasey says:

    I love black eyed peas like crazy (with some mixed greens and some biscuits and some gravy… Oh, man)! But my favorite bean to cook with is the handy-dandy black bean. Chili, bean dip, enchiladas – these are the no brainers. But I also learned from a friend to chop them up and add them to spaghetti, or rinse them and add them to chilled pasta or rice salads. They’ve totally versatile.

  76. My favorite bean is the black-eyed pea. It makes me think of family no matter how I cook it. My fave dish though is black-eyed peas and collards with some Upton’s Chorizo crumble mixed in.

  77. Julie says:

    Of all things, I absolutely adore home-cooked lima beans. My favorite recipe for them is probably Mediterranean Baked Lima Beans from Veganomicon (with a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top).

  78. Amanda says:

    I love anything with pinto beans! I pretty much like all beans though! My response is simple, my favorite bean dish is refried beans.

  79. mollyjade says:

    Black bean soup is a staple at our house. It’s different every time we make it.

  80. Allyssa says:

    Hummus, hummus, and more hummus! I’m so glad I finally braved using dried beans instead of canned and have been dabbling in making my own hummus – it’s about a billion times better than even the best store-bought tub of hummus.

  81. Joy Clendening says:

    My fav bean dish is the Bean Pot my boyfriend makes, or the white bean quinoa burgers I make. It’s a toss up.

  82. Susan Kelley says:

    I haven’t tried roasting chickpeas, but they tend to be my go-to bean/legume. I’m trying to sneak lentils into more things. But really, my favorite bean dish to prepare is good old black bean and sweet potato burritos. It’s a classic.

  83. Shana says:

    I use black beans to make a brownie batter dip!

  84. Abby says:

    I actually make a huge bowl of rice/quinoa/farro with chickpeas, veggies and Earth Balance to take to work with me a few times a week. It’s easy, deliciously vegan and pretty much a guarantee I’ll soon turn into a chickpea.

  85. Billy says:

    the almighty Black Bean.

  86. Pinto beans make my heart sing. I eat them any old way…even straight out of the pot with a little ketchup on top.

  87. Katherine Niall says:

    I adore the Lemon Lentil Recipe from Ismail Merchant:

  88. Janel M. says:

    Hummus is my absolute favorite bean dish. I practically live on hummus.

  89. Ceil Hook says:

    I love to make lentil stew with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and Italian herbs and spices. So filling and warming during the fall.

  90. my favorite beans are black beans and chickpeas. my favorite bean recipe is a simple chickpea salad – in the food processor i put chickpeas, vegenaise, yellow mustard, and dill relish and whir it all together. yummy!

  91. Cindy says:

    I have become a big fan of dal, because I love the way using various lentils changes the texture, and I love the spices.

  92. Lorelei says:

    I don’t know that I can pick just one favorite bean dish! We cook black beans once a week or more to toss in rice bowls or make tacos. I love having chickpeas soaking for hummus. And tossing lentils, veggie broth, and some soy curls in the slow cooker makes for a delicious stew for lunch!

  93. Um, I love all beans! If i absolutely had to pick one I’d say black beans. I love making tacos, tofu scrambles, stuffed sweet potatoes, soups, and more with black beans. Like any bean, they are incredibly versatile. Runners up would include chickpeas and cannelloni beans.

  94. kate s. says:

    it’s a vegan cliche but i can’t get enough hummus. chickpeas forever!!!

  95. Peggy says:

    I love making chickpea cutlets ( and hummus and sausages) yay for chickpeas!

  96. Cara says:

    This is my jam! Shoot, my blog even has the word Beans in it so you know I am hardcore bean fan :) My favorite dish to make has to be my Red Bean Meatless Balls!

  97. JENNA says:

    Black beans. Love making rice and beans and burgers with them.

  98. Sarah says:

    Black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans – yum! I throw them all together with some tomatoes and spices and a couple secret ingredients and get our favorite meal of the fall/winter… chili! Even my “I don’t eat foods without meat” husband can’t get enough!

  99. Heidi says:

    Black beans for me. My favorite recipe is black bean cakes with mango salsa and a side of orange scented asparagus from Vegetarian Times low-fat and fast cookbook.

  100. Lacey says:

    My favorite bean dish to prepare is any kind of dip. Beans are very versatile and easy to blend with veggies and spices to make them flavorful for all crowds.

  101. Michelle MIcci says:

    Black bean burritos!

  102. jennifer says:

    i love them all, but hummus is my favorite!

  103. Thom says:

    I can’t get enough of hummus & chickpeas. True story.

  104. Jackie S. says:

    I just made the homestyle refried beans from Viva Vegan and have eaten them three days in a row. I can’t believe I waited so long to me homemade refried beans–they were absolutely delicious!

  105. Sarah P says:

    Chickpeas for sure! I use them in everything, but my favorite way to eat them is simply sauteed with garlic, salt, and pepper in a little olive oil. So delicious!

  106. Shannon R says:

    I’m addicted to chickpeas *sigh*

  107. Marge E. says:

    I love red lentils. I make a huge pot of Egyptian red lentil and brown rice soup every week

  108. Rachel says:

    I think it’s a toss-up between the Drunken Beans in Viva Vegan!, AFR hummus, and Yellow Split Pea Soup from Q&E Low-Cal Comfort Food. Those are all amazing bean dishes.

  109. Robyn says:

    It may not be the most inventive, but hummus will always be my favorite bean dish. I also love me some cannellini beans!

  110. AmberDawn says:

    HUMMUS!! I eat so much, it should be illegal.

  111. Treegeekay says:

    Black bean brownies, which are surprisingly one of the few vegan things my vehemently omni brother will eat!

  112. Jessica says:

    I’m a fan of black-eyed peas paired with a green (collard, kale or mustard), and black beans in many forms (saucy, loafs and balls).

  113. Marcia says:

    I recently purchased a Magfesca pressure cooker and am enjoying cooking beans rather than purchasing them canned. I would love to win the assortment you are offering!

  114. Susan says:

    Its hard for me to pick just one type of bean! We probably use black beans more than anything — black bean soup, beans and rice, bb salsa, the list goes on…

  115. Eve says:

    I wouldn’t want to pick between my favorite children, chickpeas and lentils…give me chana masala or the lentil salad from veganomicon any day and i’m happy!

  116. Gina says:

    HUMMUS!!!! I love making homemade hummus with chickpeas. My latest favorite spices to season my hummus with are smoked paprika and african spice from trader joes!

  117. Amber says:

    Chickpeas #1
    Black Beans #2

  118. Jill Rust says:

    love 10 bean soup and chickpeas in a salad

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