Giveaway – The Raw Chocolate Co

Giveaway – The Raw Chocolate Co

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to our winner Liliana!

We have another super exciting giveaway for you today from The Raw Chocolate Co who are the company sponsoring this years MoFie prizes! Yup, you heard that right. MoFies are back and this year they have prizes! This super eco-friendly vegan company are offering you the chance to win six raw chocolate bars and three 100g packs of raw chocolate covered berries and they even ship internationally, hurrah!

Mixed 44Flavours include Vanoffe, Vanoffe Dark, Mint and The Raw Chocolate Co’s award winning Goji and Orange bar. Another of their award winning products, the raw chocolate mulberries, are my favoruite product. I always buy the 100g bag which is great for sharing, they even come in a resealable bag so they make a great travel snack.

Mixed 100To enter this fantastic giveaway just leave a comment below before 8pm GMT / 3pm EST tomorrow telling us which of the Raw Chocolate Co’s products you’re most excited about trying. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to everyone everywhere, yay!


114 thoughts on “Giveaway – The Raw Chocolate Co

  1. Ooh what a great giveaway! I always see these in health food shops but they’re a bit out of my budget range :p I’ve always thought the vanoffee bars sound gorgeous!

  2. I’m excited to try the Orange Raw Chocolate Bar because I have never tried Anything from the Raw Chocolate Company & Orange & Chocolate is one of my favourite flavours

  3. Goji berry and orange sounds awesome, I like fruity chocolates. I haven’t seen these chocolate bars in Austria yet – curious to try them!

  4. What an amazing giveaway! I’d most like to try the goji berries as I’ve never had them before. But I’m just overwhelmed at the idea of a whole set of different chocolates that are all vegan 😀

  5. The mulberries! Also, I tried the vanoffe once and loved it but haven’t seen it anywhere since, so it would be lovely to be reunited.

  6. I’ve never even heard of this brand before but all the products sound amazing. I’d especially like to try the chocolate covered berries, as that’s something I’ve never had vegan.

  7. I think mulberries and dark chocolate sounds like heaven on earth! I’ve tried choco mint before and it’s my absolute favourite!

  8. Yum! Never heard of them until, but now I really want to try! I bet the mulberries are delicious. 🙂
    sellcrystal2 at gmail dot com

  9. I think you’ve sold me on the raw chocolate mulberries, which I’ve never tried — I’ve never even tried mulberries at all! Normally, my answer would be the raisins, though. I’ve had a long-standing love affair with raisins in any form. When I was little, my parents would get me to do tricks for their relatives and bribe me with raisins.

  10. The raw chocolate covered mulberries, probably because I think that the choc would temper the sweetness of the berries rather nicely.

  11. ooh, I’m really interested in the mint chocolate bar that’s sweetened with xylitol. Although I love eating chocolate, I often have to refrain because if I buy a bar I want to eat the whole thing. And when it has a lot of sugar in it, well, I just avoid buying it in the first place! There’s a brand of chocolate at my local store that’s supposedly sweetened with natural no calorie sweeteners, but I was very upset to read the back and notice it had some non-vegan ingredients in it (luckily I read before I bought it!) I’d love to try one that’s actually vegan!

  12. Definitely the choc covered mulberries. I don’t think I’ve ever had *a* mulberry, let alone a chocolate covered one!

  13. Had mulberry trees in my grandparents back yard growing up, so the chocolate covered mulberries would be my first choice to sample. Making my mouth water just thinking about them. Awww, nostalgia…

  14. I’ve had to look away as I type this, as the mere sight of raw chocolate mulberries is making me drool all over my keyboard. I just hope I haven’t made any spelling mistak*%es.

    Yup that’s fin£!

  15. I would love to try the goji berries! I love the company’s vanoffee bar and I’ve recently tried their chocolate covered mulberries for the first time, they’re a great office snack 😀

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