Giveaway – Earth Balance!

Giveaway – Earth Balance!

And our winner is, The Radioactive Vegan, who says “I would gladly wrestle James Spader in a vat of most anything.” ME TOO, GIRL. Check your email!

First giveaway of the year, woo! We starting off with a familiar product, but this year we are going to have more books and more international friendly giveaways. I know for a fact that the UKers have a giveaway coming up that I am very, very jealous of.

Our giveaways operate in a simple fashion: we ask a fun question, you answer. If you win, we’ll post it here and email you. Make sure that you leave your email address and that it’s an address you check regularly. If we can’t get a response from you in a timely manner, we will pick another winner. To check if you won, simply come back to this post shortly after the time listed at the bottom (which will vary depending on when each giveaway is posted).


I already waxed nostalgic about how Earth Balance saved my early vegan existence last year, so this year i’ll just point out some newer products they have: coconut peanut butter, cinnamon and roasted garlic (not together, ew) coconut butter spreads, and three varities of vegan mayo! The soy nog will also be coming back this year. The Mindful Mayo is pretty good and a little bit cheaper than some other brands, personally I haven’t spotted the flavored spreads in the wild but if you have, let us know how they are!

If you are concerned about palm oil, read Earth Balance’s statement here and keep in mind that the free product coupons are good for ANY product, so you can enter and use them on palm oil-free products if you win.

Today, Earth Balance is offering one lucky winner a bamboo cutting board and a year’s supply of Earth Balance (12 free product coupons)! Just comment here, telling me who you would wrestle in a vat of Earth Balance (keep it PG, folks). This one is open to US and Canada, a winner will be randomly chosen tomorrow morning at 11 am CST.

319 thoughts on “Giveaway – Earth Balance!

  1. Oh boy. I am a HUGE fan of cherry pie. There’s always been something about cherry pie that makes my heart sing, my eyes sparkle, and my taste buds feel VERY naughty. Once I got Vegan Pie in the Sky (Moskowitz and Romero) my world was complete. BEST cherry pie recipe. I made it three times in one month and blew my whole non-vegan family away. They couldn’t believe the crust was not made with butter. Nope. It was made with Earth Balance butter and shortening sticks.

    SO to answer the question, I would make a year’s worth of cherry pie. And I’d never leave the house.

  2. I would wrestle any carivo. in it. That way I can actually let them taste how awesome it is. But, I’d love to wrestle my in-laws in it so they can get off my back that veganism doesn’t taste awesome.

  3. I would definitely wrestle Lady Gaga! haha, I just think it would be fun because I know she’d wear something wacky, and she’s so tiny I know I could take her!

  4. I would wrestle Andrew W.K. because he’s probably the only person who would agree to do it instantly.
    Party Hard.

  5. well, out here in the michigan we say “wrassssle” and i would “wrasssssle” your mom in a vat of earth balance. if you see what i did there.

  6. Im more of a lover than a fighter so I’d just bake everyone a cupcake and hope it would pacify them into not wanting to wrestle.

  7. I just veganized a cookie recipe using the soy free earth balance spread today. Wrestling…hmmm…perhaps a mass one with all the 2012 MoFos…although an Earth Balance slip ‘n slide sounds awfully fun…whee!

  8. Haha oh man, is it weird my partner and I have had the discussion (more than once) about wrestling in the creamy coconut butter? . . .

  9. Wait…will my husband read this? If not, then Johnny Depp. If he does read this, then I’d love to wrestle my wonderful husband–and only him!

  10. I would wrestle with my conscience about the wisdom of doing anything with Earth Balance other than eating or cooking with it.

  11. This is a tough, tough call, but I think I’ll go with my first instinct, and say P!nk. She’d totally kick my ass, but that’s just fine with me! ;p

  12. I would wrestle Zooey Deschanel because she seems like a sweetie and would be gentle enough for me to probably take her. Plus afterward she would totally enjoy a cupcake with me.

  13. I just exclaimed out loud “Damn you, Katie! “*fist shake*

    Im only entering because I wouldn’t mind another cutting board…or some nut butta!

    Okay, so who would I wrestle…

    ….definitely Kelly Peloza and you, Katie. And maybe NPH. and Felicia Day.

  14. Such a difficult question! At first, it seemed like a waste of the most wonderful of non-butter buttery spreads, but then I thought some more… and decided that I would gladly sacrifice a vat of Earth Balance to wrestle Misha Collins (in character as Castiel from Supernatural) or Michael C. Hall (in character as Dexter).

    So much fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I would wrestle Alice Waters in a vat of pumpkin hummus for the chance to win a year’s supply of Earth Balance!!

  16. I would love to wrestle Mitt Romney and show him how strong women really are. Particularly Veggie women!

  17. I would wrestle a gigantic, freshly baked vegan croissant. That’s the funnest way to get my favorite spread all over my favorite food!

  18. I would wrestle my fiance, bc it would be fun and hilarious. Also, he is a recent convert to Earth Balance, so we are having to buy it all the time – boy has a heavy hand!
    But. If fiance was somehow unavailable, I would wrestle John Krasinski, nc it would also be fun and hilarious.

  19. Do I really have to wrestle in it?? It seems like such a yummy waste! πŸ˜‰ okay, I would wrestle my hubby, although I know he would win. I would still put up a good fight.

  20. I would wrestle my Endometriosis and all the other health problems that think that they can beat me! I would break them down so badly that they would be too scared to ever come back and hurt me! Then everything would be all better! <3

  21. I’d wrestle and win…with Dr Oz…..then we’d talk for hours about the benefits of a plant based diet.

  22. I would wrestle My dog. I think he’d be too interested in eating the butter πŸ˜› Therefore I would win my default, and then. After my dog turned into a slippery butter sandwich, I’d then wrestle my hubby cause he needs to lighten up and have some fun.

  23. Oh lordy… wrestle in a vat of Earth Balance?! Who comes up with these questions?!

    One of my best friends, I guess… it would be the Worst Thing, though … the mental image is seriously killing me!

  24. I would wrestle chef Jamie Oliver in a vat of Earth Balance because I’m sure he’d come up with lots of great recipe ideas involving Earth Balance while we were wrestling!

  25. I’d wrestle Paul Krugman, because he is my dream boyfriend. But then his beard would get all greasy . . . . Maybe I would talk Paul Krugman into wrestling Ben Bernanke, and just watch from the sidelines.

  26. The Biebs. I would totally wrestle Justin Beiber in a vat of EB. I would love to choke him out & smoosh some EB into his already silly hair!

  27. Yes Earth Balance! The ultimate vegan staple! Sigourney Weaver, the ultimate girl warrior and crush, would kick my butt in a wrestling match, but I would sooo attempt to wrestle Ripley as the Alien watches on.

  28. I would wrestle my Endometriosis and all the other health problems that have thought that they can break me down!! I would show them who’s boss so badly that they would be too afraid to ever come back and hurt me again!! <3

  29. I’d wrestle Chris Thile πŸ˜‰ o0o0o or maybe Trey Anastasio?! Or George Porter…No, no, Stanton Moore…or ?love!! Heck, any insanely talented musician just to say I wrestled a genius.

  30. Oh man! Kristin (Baker Bettie) and I have the same idea about Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd! So, in the interest of creativity, my second choice is Zooey Deschanel – she’s so darn cute!!

  31. I would wrestle a soft, fluffy baked potato with yummy Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spread. YUM, now you’re talking! I could eat it while I wrestle it right?!?!?!

  32. I would wrestle “The Rock” just something about him and me in something healthy and delish gives me goosebumps. Shelly in LA

  33. I would love to wrestle vegan actor Woody Harrelson. I’d so love to get him in a vat of Earth Balance buttery spread. πŸ™‚

  34. 16 year old me would have said Ethan Hawke. 31 year old me is no longer enamored with Ethan Hawke, but I do love me some Earth Balance!

  35. The question is: who *wouldn’t* I wrestle for all that earth balance? I salivate when I think of all the delicious, healthy treats I could make for my family with these prizes, like vegan peanut butter cookies. Le sigh!

  36. I can’t thin of a person I’d wrestle, but writhing around in a vat of EB would probably do wonders for my dry skin! So does that mean I’d wrestle with dry skin?

  37. I would wrestle Gorgio Armani in a vat of Earth Balance and get him to beg for mercy and reinstate his promise to stop using fur in fashion!

  38. I’m 9 months pregnant, so I think I would rather just lounge in that vat of Earth Balance and let my husband give me a massage!

  39. I’d so love to wrestle Lady GaGa. I could totally take her. No one quite fuels my violent side like her.If I win, my prize would be 12 months of earth balance and her never wearing her meat dress again. If she wins, I have to listen to Bad Romance of replay for 2 hours every day. High Stakes.

  40. I would pick Kristen Bell because I think she would totally be down for wrestling in EB. She just seems cool like that. πŸ™‚

  41. Ouh! slippery stuff to wresttle in! ANYONE WOULD DO! (But if i get to choose, why not, like, Jack White or Johnny depp… πŸ™‚
    As long as your sending those free coupon my way in canada!

  42. I’m unadventurous and would rather not wrestle anyone/anything in Earth Balance, but since I love EB slathered on some cinnamon raisin toast, I would choose to wrestle with a loaf of that. And then I would clearly win and could consume it all. πŸ˜€

  43. I would wrestle my husband. After having two kids in the last two years, we could definitely use some alone time. Even if it was in a vat of butter.

  44. I would wrestle the world’s most super-ΓΌber-hot vegan Tony Gonzalez from the Atlanta Falcons! He could melt the Earth’s Balance just looking at it.

  45. I’m not aggressive at all. I could never wrestle anything and be serious about it. But I really like Earth Balance. Can I win, please? I will send you a photo of a cute puppy and or my pet hens in return.

  46. I’ll take it the other direction, more G than PG and say my son. He would really find it hilarious that we would let him get that messy and wrestling is one of his favorite things to do πŸ™‚

  47. I can’t think of a person I’d be willing to wrestle so….how about a ginormous bowl of white kernel popcorn so I could smother it with Earth Balance?? I’m all about the popcorn lately with EB, nutritional yeast and Frank’s Red Hot!! YUUUUM!

  48. I’d melt it and drink it all before I had time to think about who to wrestle. Then sweat it out and bake some cookies.

    That was really gross* sounding.

    *By gross, I mean delicious. Who wants cookies?

  49. I’ll wrestle my hubby in a vat of earth balance.
    *Note to self – make sure to proof-read everything before hitting submit. You just saved yourself from having to wrestle the hubby in a cat. Gross. πŸ˜‰

  50. I’d wrestle my man… and get my butt kicked… but it’d totally be worth it for some tasty earth balance. mmm.

  51. I’d say a giant bag of flour, brown sugar, some chocolate chips… maybe I’d wrestle them all into a giant oven and we’d end up with chocolate chip cookies? As you can see, the idea of using Earth Balance for non-eating purposes is way too upsetting!

  52. I am pretty sure it would come down to three options:
    1. Junkyard Dog
    2. Rowdy Roddy Piper (but from “They Live”)
    3. George Takei- He is absolutely hilarious

    I would destroy the Junk Yard Dog.
    It would take approximately 10 minutes of unchoreographed fighting for me to win against Rowdy Roddy Pipper.
    I would so lose against Takei. He is too funny I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

  53. I would love to wrestle Ellen. I guess we would just break dance actually and then end up making some chocolate chip cookies. πŸ™‚

    1. BTW winning would also mean wrestling and defeating my pocketbook because as much as I love Earth balance and I buy it all the time, it is not the cheapest and i will need a ton of it for this upcoming Holiday season.

  54. I’d wrestle a (very friendly) brown bear. I realize I’d lose horribly–possibly fatally–but it would just be so awesome to wrestle a gigantic bear in Earth Balance!

  55. I would love to wrestle The most awesome Vegan and Humanitarian on the planet, Ellen Degeneres. I bet if we asked her we could get this on the show too!! Also, I’m not sure when you are planning the match for, but in a Halloween theme, I would also be willing to dress up as a tub of Earth Balance buttery spread, soy free of course!

    Thank you!

  56. I seriously am not playing it safe when I say I want to wrestle with my hubby. Since we’ve gone vegan, we’ve both lost weight. He’s lost down smaller than when he was before I met him and I was already in love but wow.. now I just can’t keep my hands off:)

  57. I would wrestle Paul Shapiro because he’s super vegan (I could see him in a special super hero outfit and everything). I think my hubby would be cool with it. Just good greasy fun.

  58. My good friend Anne, because she is of similar stature (i.e. a fair match), and I can push her literally & figuratively further towards a plant based diet whilst we duel!

  59. I would take down my boss in a vat of EB. Fo sho. However, because I very much enjoy my job and would very much like to keep it and the house for which it pays, I would wear a luchador mask so that she would not recognize me. I wouldn’t let her up until she promised to be reasonable and not deliver so many ridiculous, employee-unfriendly edicts.

  60. I would have to wrestle Fabio Lanzoni.. Because he needs to taste Earth Balance and give up on I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.. Lol

  61. I’m not supposed to wrestle on account of my fused spine but if I were to do so I would choose the lovely lady I have sitting next to me on the couch. It would be fun. And buttery. Lol.

  62. Hands down, Jensen Ackles would be my pick to wrestle in a vat of Earth balance. And I love me some earth balance! It would be an extremely tasty situation.

  63. Ooo I’d like to wrestle around with Danica Patrick! Good challenge with a little Grrrr/Meooww thrown in πŸ™‚

  64. I’d wrestle Casey Affleck …. hot vegan man on chic wrestling! But I take no prisoners so he better bring it!!! Lol

  65. I can’t wrestle because I’m a week from giving birth but my 2yo daughter, who cries if she doesn’t get to spread her own Earth Balance “butter” on her toast in the morning, would absolutely love rolling in the spread and leaving handprints everywhere. This would be her dream come true.

  66. I’m so not into wrestling, but if I have to, I would say my husband although I would rather make myself a huge batch of cookies instead.

  67. Love the question and the many answers I came up with, but ultimately, I confess, I’d wrestle my hubby! πŸ™‚

  68. Joseph Gordon Levitt. It would be fun to see someone so classy covered in grease, and I think he’d have fun with it.

  69. I’m not really sure how to answer this question… perhaps my teddy bear? Does that even count? I’m just going to say yes.

  70. The obvious choice for Earth Balance wrestling is my cat, Sam. He’s a full-figured fellow and could use the exercise. Plus, his fur would be amazingly soft and moisturized after spending some time in the Earth Balance vat.

  71. I’d wrestle my cat, Maya, because Earth Balance is her favorite food and it would be so cute to watch her lick it all off afterwards.

  72. The cat. It makes me sneeze all the time. But a cover out of Earth Balance Spread would create a shield and make me feel comfortable again.

  73. Oh, what good idea, wrestling in earth Balance! I would certainly enjoy wrestling with a version of myself coming from a multiverse, like an omivore copy of me, and I would win by the force of the awesomness of the vegan! And then I would high-five my slippery self and we would be happy forever, eating some squash with melted earth balance on it.

  74. I would wrestle the entire cast of Community, in character. Actually, I’d just initiate it, then sit back and watch them be hilarious.

  75. Natalie Portman. Both of our heads shaved. Then we’d laugh & spread Earth Balance all over some delicious bread for our post-wrestle snack.

  76. I think I’d like to wrestle the late President Harry Truman in a vat of Earth Balance. Since he did an admirable job considering he was more or less “dropped” into a high-stakes presidency with very little preparation (selected as FDR’s VP, really, for the sake of filling shoes), I feel confident Harry would’ve been adaptive and not missed a beat had he found himself comparably unprepared in a vegan butter wrestling match. (And it’s a comfort to know that, as the man who kept a plaque reading “the buck stops here” on his desk, he was likely a fair sportsman.)

  77. I guess I’d wrestle almost anyone for maybe 10 seconds, but then I’d have to jump out of the vat and grab a loaf of sourdough bread to share with my opponent; much better eating than fighting!

  78. Just one person ???? Sigh, cuz otherwise it would be several of the Sons of Anarchy boys!! If Im forced to narrow it down to just one, the lead actor, Charlie Hunnam!! Not just for his amazballs body but I just know I would melt, get it melt!, when I heard his real English accent !! And I will stop there to remain PG !! Wink Wink Nudge Nudge !!!

  79. Would love to wrestle Christian Bale… Funny since last night I was asked “if I were a stick of butter, where would I most want to be spread” and I said I’m vegan, ask me “if I were Earth Balance” instead!!

  80. I would wrestle my man who is 100% vegan in our house and at about 80% when we are out. BIG change from when I first met him πŸ™‚ He is also assisting me in starting a vegan blog so we can participate in the Vegan MoFo next year.

  81. Hahaha..what a great question! I’d have to say I’d go with Craig Ferguson to wrestle in a vat of Earth Balance Butter. He cracks me it would be a laugh fest the whole time. (yay me…stayed PG…yah me!…)

  82. Ha! That’s a different question! Considering I use Earth Balance every single day, i would wrestle anyone who got in the way of my food. Also the people who slam on their brakes while driving simply because they see a cop a mile up the road on the other side of the street WAY up there on the highway.

  83. I absolutely ADORE Earth Balance. If I had to wrestle someone, I suppose I’d pick my husband. If I wasn’t allowed to pick him, I’d choose either Chris Hemsworth or Scarlett Johansson…

  84. I would wrestle with my best friend lynne, it would be a hoot. And I would make sure that I have some fresh bread to start so I can have my favorite snack, fresh bread and earth balance! mmmm

  85. I would wrestle the high prices of many healthy, vegan foods, so that everyone can afford to eat that way!

  86. Who would I want to wrestle in a vat of Earth Balance? Part of me wants to say my classic heartthrob crush Nick Carter (google him, people..he’s still hot), but my 26 year self is saying Channing Tatum….wearing the attire of any of his Magic Mike performances. Yes, that will do.

  87. Sweet giveaway! I’d totally wrestle my sister. We used to wrestle in the backyard growing up, so this would just be a new adventure for us :).

  88. I could wrestle my dog Louie and keep him down pretty quickly. He’s kinda small, but so am I, but I am bigger so there’s that. I wouldn’t hurt him! Just one quick push to the bottom and I’d yank him back up while he licked himself clean. πŸ™‚

    I wanna win!

  89. oh man. I don’t know if I can keep this PG.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    I’ve been watching a lot of football, and a lot of saucy teen dramas lately. Which version do you want?

    Saucy teen drama version: 1990 Jason Priestley and Luke Pascalino from Skins
    NFL Version (not in full uniform if you get the drift): Adrian Peterson and Jay Cutler

  90. That is a tough one becuase I’m not a fan of wrestling and I’d really hate to waste all of that Earth Balance! But if I had to choose it would be my husband, I’d lose miserably. He is my only wrestling buddy!

  91. i’d wrestle natalie portman and pin her down and cite all of the relevant evidence until she admitted you can have a baby while being vegan!

  92. I would have to wrestle my ten year-old son. I’m trying to sway him to the vegetarian side. He loves to wrestle with me on the bed to see who can push whom off. (Sadly, we are running out of time to continue wrestling as he’s about as tall as I AND he is all muscle.)

    I’m thinking if I can make being a vegetarian side, show him the lighter side of life, he’ll join me in my lifestyle choice.

    Meanwhile his dad can take pictures like he did when our son and I did the LUVMUD run that ended in a huge tub of mud.

    πŸ™‚ I’m the fun, if older, mom. It’s easy to be energetic when you eat the right foods.

  93. i would wrestle my boyfriend. he’s really into professional wrestling and pretends to let me suplex him. i think things would only get more hilarious in a tub of earth balance… plus, how soft would our skin get!?

  94. I’d wrestle WWE champion CM Punk he claims to be the “Best In The World” . I’d like to see if he is in a vat of Earth Balance.

  95. I just can’t quit smiling when I try and decide who I would wrestle. Obviously it would be someone I like because it just sounds like too much fun. I would wrestle my husband because we wouldn’t care how silly we both looked and we would probably look very silly and likely falling alot and super greasy (good moisturizer?).

  96. I would choose Alicia Silverstone. But we wouldn’t wrestle, we’d make butter sculptures like in her new movie “Butter”. She is Kind after all!!

  97. I would totally wrestle any meat lover who think vegans lack protein/calcium/vitaminD/etc AND totally win to prove them wrong πŸ˜‰

  98. I would be wrestling my seven year old son along with our dog. It would be better than the mud at the soccer fields!

  99. My husband, and I would happily do it in a scantily clad bikini……I am sure it is one way that I could convince him to make these healthier vegan choices with me and have fun doing it. If I win, he eats my way, I am pretty sure in this situation I would win for sure!

  100. In this universe, there is but one person who I could ever select to engage in a buttery spread tussle. There is only one woman on Earth, worthy of being immersed in such creamy, spreadable deliciousness. One soul, who I could embrace in a vat,free of lactose, devoid of gluten, absence of casein or GMOs. My wonderful girlfriend, Crystal Jackson. Our time together, spent enjoying 45oz tub after 45oz tub of delicious Earth Balance, spread over everything and anything that we could think of, has been the greatest time of my life. It only makes sense to take the next step, take our relationship to the next level, take the plunge, and rumble in a big ol’ tub of Earth Balance buttery spread. I love you Crystal, and want to spend the rest of my days enjoying creamy deliciousness, hand in hand. Will you marry me, my Earth Balance beauty, my non-dairy dream, my goddess of gluten freedom? Please say yes, and join me in a long, healthy, life of love and delicious buttery spreads.

  101. Oh, this is an easy one….Christopher Meloni (Stabler) from Law and Order SVU…under that suit are muscles and tattoos….oh my….

  102. I can’t wrestle anyone for 5 months. Doing the right thing, going to the gym, working out and broke many bones in my foot and ruptured tendons. On bed rest for 5 months and could sure use some balance in my life, Earth Balance. Help a broken girl out.

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