VeganMoFo 2012 is here!

VeganMoFo 2012 is here!

Helloooo, MoFo-land! This is Jess, one of your round-uppin’ organizers, and I’m so gosh darn excited to welcome everyone in to the sixth-ever Vegan Month of Food! VeganMoFo VI is here!

Every year, the themes seem to get well, more and more exciting, with unstoppable returning favorites and new folks alike – from folks passionately covering regional cuisines and positively obsessing over new ingredients, to folks busting out day-of-the-week themes, and of course, those bloggers with themes that are downright awe-inspiring, like the now-legendary, two years of vegan gravy from Marti at More Than Tofu-N-Sproutz and the captivating ‘Around the World in Thirty Days‘ from Amey (one of our lovely MoFo organizers) at Vegan Eats & Treats.

Over at VeganMoFo-brainstorming central, the Post Punk Kitchen boards (join us!), we’ve been sharing theme announcements and they include: The Walking Fed, zombie-themed fun at That Pain in the A*s Vegan, all things Canadian over at Cookbook Aficionado, cleaning the cupboards and using all those random ingredients you forget you bought at Cooking the Vegan Books, fall foods from Hot Vegan Chickpeas, mantras & oats at Including Cake, Buffy-themed food at Busted Afternoon (whoa), days of the week including a Go-Go Gadget Monday at Vegan in Brighton (one of our new MoFo organizers!), cooking for kids at The Common or Garden Vegan, more days of the week featuring Lingonberry Tuesdays (!!!!) at NorthernVeg, 30 Days of cooking from Tofu Cookery at Vegan for the Win, Frocktober & vegan food at Meet the Wikos (with Erin, another one of our new organizers), waffles galore at Muffin Topped, and a month of food holiday-celebrating at Noochtastic! are just some of the ideas floating around. Please share yours! I’m trying my first year of day-of-the-week themes myself with something of a spreadsheet ready in advance  as opposed to a more on-the-fly approach. Gosh, how do you guys do it?!

Roasted Carrot Waffles from Day One of MoFo 2012 on Muffin Topped

Reminders & Fun Links

There may seem like a lot to keep up on, but it’s all awesome, so listen up!

Let’s start with the big official 2012 Blogroll & RSS Feed details.

If you’re like me, you’ll get lost – in a good way – on this for hours.  Here are the feed bundles.  This is further divided into: Where in the World, by Language, the United States of Blogging, by Category and the PPK MoFo-ers. Just try and keep up. Really.

If you want to talk MoFo with other MoFo-ers all MoFo day, head over to those Post Punk Kitchen VeganMoFo forum to discuss MoFo-everything in one place. MoFo!

If you want even more and more MoFo (we know you do!), keep up with the official Facebook page, follow the twitter @VeganMoFo with hashtag #VeganMoFo. ALL THE TIME.

Want a banner for your posts and/or website? Go here and make sure to link back.

New for 2012, we have an Instagram! Ooooo. Follow it at @VeganMoFo, and use the same tag so folks can see what you’re up to, #VeganMoFo, on your photos.

We’ll also be debuting one week of Chopped among-st the Iron Chef competitions and other generous giveaways for folks all around the globe – so, stay tuned for rules & prizes!

And hey, if you have questions, please email VeganMoFoBlog [at] and an organizer will get back to ya.

Is this your first year? Are you a seasoned MoFo-er? Do you have the best theme ever? Let us know!



18 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2012 is here!

  1. Is there any way to get all the feeds in one RSS link? I know you guys went to a lot of trouble to bundle the feeds, but to be honest it would be a lot simpler for me to have them all together. Can you please share the link for that if possible? Thanks!

  2. I decided to draw a picture of something vegan from my day to show how colorful, abundant, and nourishing vegan food and lifestyle can be. I’m having technical problems, but I managed to post a photo of my drawing of homemade cinnamon rolls today for day one of VeganMOFO.

  3. Over at The “V” Word, the theme is “If TV Celebrity Chefs Went Vegan.” I watch so many TV cooking shows, I may as well do something with it so it’s not just watching TV, it’s research 🙂

  4. Weekly Vegan Menu is continuing to recreate and make-over restaurant dishes. Tired of all those commercials of Chili’s, Applebee’s and Cheesecake Factory? Make them at home!

  5. As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve entitled my MoFo theme “Exploring Upstate New York: Vegan and College-Student-Broke Style.” Focusing on my edible endeavors as a penniless Vassar freshman, I’ll regale fellow MoFo-ers with my experiences eating in the dining hall, cooking in my makeshift dorm room “kitchen,” and venturing to vegan-friendly restaurants both in Poughkeepsie and beyond.

    I can’t wait for a fantastic October filled with vegan blogging antics!


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