Giveaway – Goody Good Stuff

Giveaway – Goody Good Stuff

We have our winners! Congratulations Jo and Brooke, e-mails are on the way!

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and this is the time of year that I most want candy. Trick or Treating isn’t as much of a tradition in Europe as it is in America but the idea of going door to door filling up a bag with sweets and chocolate still excites me. Honestly, if I thought anyone would answer their door to me on the 31st & hand over vegan treats I’d definitely give it a go!

Today’s giveaway comes from Goody Good Stuff, this UK based vegetarian company make tasty traditional style gummy sweets minus the gelatine and you’ll be pleased to hear that this one’s open to anyone living in the UK & Ireland, Europe & the US.

The Cola Breeze are my favourites closely followed by Sour Fruit Salads, yum!

Goody Good Stuff are offering two people the chance to win a Halloween Goody Bag filled with four bags of vegan sweets and a cuddly version of their mascot Kobi Koala, cute!

To enter just leave a comment below before 4pm BST tomorrow telling us what your favourite treat is. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can get in contact with you. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. The competition is open to anyone living in the UK & Ireland, Europe or the USA.


79 thoughts on “Giveaway – Goody Good Stuff

  1. Sour patch kids! Those are so yummy and tart! I also used to love starbursts as well, but no longer eat them as they are not vegan (please let me know if I am wrong on that one!).

  2. Can’t believe I still haven’t tried these. I’ve given them to friends as little presents but only going on what I’ve heard about them, not on my own tasting experience! Would love some for myself!

  3. I loved butterfingers, but (obviously) I haven’t had one in the last five years since being vegan. I’m going to try making them by hand, though! Vegan, of course.

  4. My favourite treat is most probably Jamesons Raspberry Ruffles! Before I was vegan and since being vegan… 🙂

  5. I love any gummy candy! they are something i’ve really missed since becoming a vegan! glad to see there are companies out there making some…YUMMY!

  6. Ooooooooh! I love sweets! I found the cola goody good stuff one day in a local HFS. I managed to empty the bag within 10minutes at work. Nobody else got a look in. My favourite easy to get would be Starburst or Jelly Tots. I’m just dangerous if either of those are put in my hands. There is no “saving some for later.”

  7. Oh wow! My daughter would go nuts for this prize.
    I love anything with chocolate, peanut butter, or coconut – or any combination of the three. My four-year-old daughter, however, loves anything with sugar in it. She’s not picky.

  8. Absolutely anything with chocolate and peanut butter. I haven’t had cola bottles for years, but used to love them as a child.

  9. These sweets look delicious! (and the koala is so cute!) I love finding vegan gummies! I am a candy girl (not even that big a fan of chocolate haha), and I love anything gummy! Gummy bears, spice drops, and candy oranges have been my favourite ever since I was little. There is a small health food store in town that sells tiny packets of vegan gummy bears (for a small fortune) and the one time I let myself splurge on them was in 2009 and I still remember eating them one by one over a month. I think gummy candy is the -only- non-vegan food I ever crave. I tried making some with agar once and it came out icky 😛

  10. My first Halloween in the US.. even better with such great treats, I guess, cause going door to door in my age probably is not an option. Or is it?
    denkzwitscher ät yahoo . de

  11. Yeah! Gummy candies are definitely my favorite treats! The day they had bulk vegan sour gummy bears on sale at my co-op was the best day of my life, hyperbolically.

  12. Haven’t tried these but I like the sound of Cola Breeze, and Summer Peaches. I usually go for chocolate or licorice but have the occasional craving for jelly babies. These could hit that spot..!

  13. The sour fruit salad looks awesome! I LOVE all fruity gummy things, but don’t eat them very often now b/c the vegan ones are always a little more pricey! These look delicious!

  14. I used to love gummy sour apples, but I find the Goody Good Stuff cola bottles nearly as delicious and really want to try the peach!

  15. I love sea salt caramels covered in chocolate! I’ve only been vegan about 6 months, so I haven’t figured out how to make a version w/o butter yet!

  16. I used to be obsessed with sour patch kids–these look and sound really good! My favorite treat now would have to be dried fruit, but back in the day I was a sugar addict…sour patch kids, jr. mints, anything really!


  17. Mmm – the sour fruit ones look especially good – I haven’t seen these for sale up here in Scotland. I shall have to get onto Real Foods to start stocking them.

  18. Sour gummy worms were my favorite and I haven’t had them in so long! I’ve been missing plain gummy bears too lately.

  19. My favourite treat is taking a bag of cola breeze or sour fruit salad sweets (or summer peaches!) to the cinema and enjoying a mouthful of naughty sweetness while watching a film. No cow hoof pick ‘n’ mix for me thanks!

  20. spiced jelly beans- only out at easter. otherwise….these look awesome. i also love sour sweets, sour fruit salad would disappear quickly!

  21. After chocolate, gummy candies are definitely one of my weaknesses. I adore swedish fish. I’m sure these are great!

  22. I missed cola bottles so much when I first went veggie, so cola breeze are my favourite! Now if someone would just make vegan cheese & onion crisps….

  23. Before turning veg I used to eat gummies by the pound (seriously, I’d buy them in bulk!) and I still have a weak spot for them. The sour ones especially!

  24. Oh *drool* I adore those sweets! A bag like that doesn’t last that long (no, I am not the only one who picking in the bag, I swear). My favorites must be the sour mix & match, vegan nomnoms!

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