Tuesday Round Up

Tuesday Round Up

I couldn’t really narrow down a theme for today so I’m gonna go renegade with my roundup!

The first and most epic post to catch my eye today was from Kittee over at Cake Maker To The Stars. I don’t even know what to say about these sugar skulls other than OMG! Wow! What the hell? Kittee I think you’re a genius and I’d like to come and live with you please?!

I wish that I had even a quarter of the patience it must’ve taken to make these!

This super cute star covered pear galette made by mama et de bébé hawk looks more like something I could make. I love the use of pears rather than apples in this traditional dessert and I bet that they were super delicious.

I love vegan cheese. Whether it’s Cheezly, Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Vegusto, Teese, Sheese or homemade I’ll eat it. I’d never heard of Ste Martaen before though but now, after reading Star City Vegan’s post, I’m sure I’d love their cheeses too.

I’ll admit that I can’t really understand most of this next post but a picture speaks a thousand words and all that! This picture’s clearly saying “Eat me, I’m delicious”! This Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta  from twoodledrum really does look like the perfect lunch.

Mandee from Cupcake Kitteh made Buckwheat Flour Pancakes today and I think that these would also make an amazing lunch. Or brunch. Or breakfast, dinner or dessert! Hell, I’d definitely eat these at any time of day. Perfection.

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