MiniMoFo Challenge 2

MiniMoFo Challenge 2


We loved the responses to the first MiniMoFo challenge, and hope you guys are ready for more!  Just to remind you, this is a voluntary warm-up exercise for MoFo proper, and you can participate in any way you like.  Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll share a challenge, you’ll have two weeks to make and share a dish using the #MiniMoFo tag on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or comment here with a link to your blog. That’s it!
  • We’ll feature your signature dishes as we go and do a round-up at the end of each challenge.
  • You don’t have to do the MiniMoFo challenges to participate in VeganMoFo.
  • You can participate in MiniMoFo and not in the full month.
  • No sign-ups are required!


Challenge 2:  Who’s your “foodie crush”? 

September 27 – October 10

This fortnight, make something by a vegan chef or blogger you really admire.  Will it be one of the big-hitters like Isa, Terry or Chloe?  Will it be another member of the Vegan MoFo community?  The choice is yours!


Whatever you choose, remember to use the #MiniMoFo hashtag and share your post with the rest of the community!

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