MiniMoFo Challenge 1 Round Up

MiniMoFo Challenge 1 Round Up


The first challenge of MiniMoFo is all done and dusted.  Thanks to all of you who shared your signature dish!  Here’s a round up of the mouth-watering contributions.


Lisa’s Project: Vegan


Lisa shared the recipe for this enticing lentil salad, which would be perfect for a light lunch or as a side dish.  It looks delicious!




Doesn’t this look incredible?  Babette shared this tofu, vegetable and crouton salad, and we could happily eat this right now!




Nicole gave us her current favourite dish:  Israeli couscous, sausages, apples, sweet potatoes and spring onions.  Bonus points for the homemade sausage!




Don’t you feel healthier just looking at this green bowl from Susan?  The blue cheese dressing on top sounds incredible!




Just look at this rainbow salad!  This is definite inspiration for the multicoloured prompt on Day 15 of Vegan MoFo.




If your signature dish is curry, I definitely want to be friends with you!  This roasted red pepper, chickpea and spinach curry looks spectacular, and perfect to share.


And finally, this round up is a good way to introduce you to your Vegan MoFo organisers this year.  We’re all so excited about MoFo that we had to get involved and tell you our signature dishes too!

Walks, Talks & Eats


Emma shared the recipe for these red pepper and thyme rolls, which look phenomenal.




Nicole made these light and refreshing spring rolls, perfect for the last days of summer.


Herbivores’ Heaven


And Jenny cheated and shared the dish that she always orders when she visits her favourite cafe:  seitan and cheese bagel.


So, are you ready for MiniMoFo Challenge 2?  We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  Stay tuned for the details tomorrow!

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