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Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

I try to plan for satisfying, varied breakfasts throughout the week. On Sunday, I plan to make a big batch of scramble, hearty muffins, or a big pot of oatmeal, but then Sunday night comes way too quickly. During the week, I’m running out of the door, shoveling random pieces of fruit into my bag, and I’m lucky if I have to time to pour cereal into a bowl. On the weekend, though, I like to take my time and have something a little more substantial. Lots of you know how to prepare amazing breakfasty food, any time of the day.

Over at Babe in Soyland, Kayla makes a hearty Tofuevos Rancheros. She enjoys this meal after a long run, but I’d just be running to her table to try this dish! Gluten Free Vegan Munchies cooks up some homefries to load onto breakfast tacos.
Breakfast Tacos with Homefries

Always Autumn bakes up some quick and easy, though definitely delicious chocolate croissants, inspired by Nigella Lawson, and Mihl at Seitan is My Motor makes two kinds of amazing croissants using a more traditional method.

Vegan Croissants

I’d love to take a bite of the simple, but tasty sounding tofu egg sandwich on the p.h.d.elicious cooks plants in tiny kitchens blog. I also really want to be invited over the next time Midwest Veg makes this banana bread french toast, drizzled in caramel sauce. Yum!


That Pain in the Ass Vegan fills thick pancakes with strudel filling, and the only pain I’m feeling right now is hunger, while Whoa Wren washes brunch platter of scramble and hash browns with an amazing sounding dessert loaded with bananas and mousse! That sounds like a great way to start the day!

Celestial Bananas

At Vegan Brew, I was wowed by the use of beer in a glaze for pumpkin bread that would a perfect way to start a chilly fall morning. Rebecca at Pure*Life*Taste cooks up one of my favorite muffin flavors, cranberry and orange, loaded with walnuts.

Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffins

I’ve certainly been inspired to make something a little more interesting!  I hope you all take time out for breakfast!

VeganMoFo Roundup: Apples, apples, and more APPLES!

VeganMoFo Roundup: Apples, apples, and more APPLES!

If you’re like me you have 37 apples from your farm share this week and are searching for goodies to make with them.  Anyone?  Anyone?  No, I guess not.  Even if you don’t have apples out the wazoo, it looks like there are lots of folks taking the opportunity to get creative with their apples.

Oh my!  Spiced Apple Bundt Cake with Tofutti Cinnamon Glaze.  I MUST try this recipe!  First I need to get some of those mini bundt pans.  Job well done, Wasabi Peas.  Go check out the great photos on the blog!

In addition to mini bundt pans, I wish I had a juicer so I could make this wonderfully-hued juice from Living on the Vedge!

Not only was MoFo roundup-er, Jeni Treehugger, creative in her use of apples in this post, she was creative in her stuffing vessel.  I must admit, I had to look up the term “marrow.”

Clare from Always Autumn blogged about preserves, including Apple and Tomato Chutney, Apple and Blackberry Jam, and Apple Jelly!  I’m planning on doing some preserving, so I loved looking at the photos and reading about all the great stuff Clare helped make.

Lisa from Raw on $10 A Day (or Less!) made a creamy spinach soup, including our star ingredient of the day, the apple!  I love that green!

What a great idea over at Cooking for a Vegan Lover!  Cranberry-Apple Glazed Tempeh?  Yes!!

I also love this scientific evaluation that celyn over at Miso for Breakfast conducted on several types of apples, especially because THE BEST APPLE EVER came out the winner!  (That’s the mighty Honeycrisp apple.)

You probably can’t relate to my over-abundance of apples (37?!), but I’m sure many of you, at least, can attest to the toll Vegan MoFo has taken on kitchens around the globe.  Off I go to do some damage control (and prepare for my next MoFo post!)  Happy recipe bookmarking!

random round-up, or, put what in what?

random round-up, or, put what in what?

Tonight, I decided to bring a totally random round-up. As in, I scrolled up and down the MoFo blogroll haphazardly and found the following awesome blogs. (I skipped a couple that didn’t look like they were actively MoFoing. Is that a verb yet? I digress). And now, without further ado, we have these recent happenings:

First off, a couple of surprise ingredient recipes. You can put GINGER in mac & cheese? Yes, as The Apeman shows you in this here post:

Ginger Mac & Cheese

Next up, from the Totally Veg! blog, a recipe for Raffaello cake, aka, you can put WHITE CHOCOLATE and COCONUT in a cake and it doesn’t explode of fantastic-ness??


God, I love bread recipes, and savory quick breads are the hidden gems. This recipe is entitled : Fresh Bread, 45 Minutes, no yeast. Really. You bet I’ll be making this recipe this week.

Vegan Linda blogs over getting over your fears of trying recipes if they sound difficult or complicated- most often you’ll be rewarded, as she was when she made Crispy Tofu with Sizzling Caper Sauce from Vegan Planet. I love how many capers are crammed into this photo. It’s… entrancing…

Caper? I hardly even know her!

Steamed buns are the world’s perfect food! Can it ever be said enough? The Minor Injuries blog reminds of that fact with this:

Stuffed with bok choy, mushrooms, and nooooooodles

Do you ever do this? Mix chili and pasta? It has got to be one of my favorite comfort foods of all time, and Caffeinated Mama blog does this humble food the justice it deserves:

The best part about making chili- mixing leftovers with pasta the next day

Bankrupt Vegan is a blog that is all about frugality. I love this round-up of coupons, special offers, and free samples compiled in last friday’s post– did someone say a coupon for organic berries? Yes please!

Eve Love à la Montagne gives a tutorial (in French) on vegan beer and wine– what to look for, what to watch out for.

Walnut-crusted tofu, step by step, courtesy of Girl Goes Vegan. I don’t crust my tofu enough, clearly. This is my takeaway message here.

Random? Yes. Delicious? You betcha.

Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

Vegan MoFo : Weekend Giveaway!

And the winners are…

gilding lilies – “Teese pizza please, with some vegan hot chocolate with Dandies for desert!”


Sarah – “I would make pizza if the cheese is mozz style. But if it’s cheddar style I’d try it out in broccoli cheddar soup, melted on a broccoli covered baked potato, or in some jalapeno cheddar beer bread. Yeah, buddy. As for the marshmallows, I’ve always enjoyed watching them bloat up real big in the microwave. So I’d probably just sit them on top of some graham crackers and nuke away to my heart’s content.”

Please email with your name and address. Thanks for commenting!

Two things that make it much easier to stay vegan these days are the selection of vegan cheeses and marshmallows. One company, Chicago Soy Dairy, is committed to producing quality vegan products like cheese, ice cream, and marshmallows.

Today two lucky readers can win a couple of Chicago Soy Dairy’s excellent products.

Today we’re giving away:


Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

Toast them, make s’mores, make rice crispies treats, or just eat them straight out of the package. Dandies taste just like traditional marshmallows, but are made without the nasty traditional ingredients.


Teese Vegan Cheese

One of the first truly meltable tasty vegan cheeses, Teese works great on pizza, sandwiches, over pasta, and just about anything else you can dream up. It’s available in four tasty flavors – mozzarella, cheddar, creamy cheddar sauce, and nacho cheese sauce.

Two lucky winners will receive one package of Dandies and Teese each!

Now to enter into the contest just tell us how you’ll use your cheese and marshmallows! Hopefully not together, but we’re not judging…much.

Leave a comment and we’ll pick two winners at random, tonight around 10pm EST. Sorry, folks, but this one is limited to U.S. mailing addresses, only.

It's called VEGAN MoFo for a reason

It's called VEGAN MoFo for a reason

This is just a reminder that the VeganMoFo feed is for posts about vegan food only. We just don’t want to read about crap that bums us out. It’s a time to celebrate vegan food. So if we see non-vegan food pop up in the feed we are going to delete you. No offense and no judgment, you’re obviously free to do what you want, just not on our precious feed!

oh…hey there… blogging world…!

oh…hey there… blogging world…!

Hi everyone,

Bazu here, dipping my toes in the blogging waters for the first time in ages. Even though my own blog is on indefinite hiatus, I was thrilled to be asked to be a MoFO rounder-upper again this year.

For my first round-up, I’m showcasing some blogs by new, transitioning, or not-quite- vegans. First up, my friend JessieBea (who for some totally unknown reason left frozen Syracuse for sunny Southern California recently) reviews a great restaurant in the Valley. This is especially near and dear to my heart because my parents live in Van Nuys and I know I’ll be hitting up the Hummus King when I visit them:

hummus and ... omg, is that veg SHWARMA??!

Next, another Southern CA restaurant: OMGosh I’m Vegan posts this, possibly the perfect take-out meal, the Happy Vegan from Tender Greens. You need to hop over to the blog to see the full monty of “tabbouleh, hummus, pasta pearls, faro wheat, young kale and tender greens”.

Damn... perfection in a takeaway container!

If you guys know me, you know that I don’t shy away from controversy. That is why this brownie post from the Not a Rabbit blog so appealed to me- sister isn’t afraid of saying it like it is. And I quote,

“They say that people fall into two groups when it comes to brownies-
1) Those who like cakey brownies
2) Those who like fudgy brownies.

At the risk of being controversial, I think there is only one group:

1) Those who like fudgy brownies (known otherwise simply as “Brownies”).”

Sing it! If you like cakey brownies, go eat some chocolate cake. If you like exquisite fudgy brownies, then try her recipe.

yes... yesss... my precious...

Next up, perhaps you need to cut some of that sweetness a bit? Stephanie from Newly Vegan gives a recipe for tofu bacon. Go check it out because if you’re anything like me, this needs to be part of your immediate future:

nom NOM

Whether you’re a new vegan, an old hat, or just a sometimes vegan, sometimes convenience is really nice. I like Gardein. And Deena at Libra Loves reviews a product I’ve never tried, but now clearly need to: Gardein Stuffed Turkey!

'Tis the Season, MoFOs

And finally, since this post is a shout-out to those dabbling in the vegan arts, a reminder of what many of us had to learn the hard way, brought to you by the Healthy Honey, Hungry Hubby blog:

not vegan!

Not all non-dairy creamer is actually non-dairy. I know, right?


2010 Blog Reader Options for the Brainy or Obsessed.

2010 Blog Reader Options for the Brainy or Obsessed.

Our super excellent friend and fellow MoFie, pickledtreats,  worked all night to bring us awesome ways to read all of these blogs–we ended up smashin’ 700 yesterday!  Besides the normal “click ‘n’ read” we’re offering two ways for you to access this year’s VeganMoFo blogs.

The first is for Google Reader users. If you have Google Reader you can subscribe to all of the blogs in one click! Below is a link to the Google Reader bundle that contains a “subscribe” to all feeds button. This will take you to your Google Reader page (you may have to log in) where you can choose to subscribe to all of these feeds at once, which will be created in a separate folder in your subscriptions.

Click Here for Google Reader Bundle Link

The second option is a little more technical, but this is for you if you use a feed reader other than Google Reader. Don’t worry – it’s not scary! Most feed readers have the option of importing blog feeds, but they need to be in what’s called an OPML file. We have included a link to an OPML file of the VeganMoFo blogs. Clicking the link will download this file onto your computer – or you can right-click it and select “save link as” and name it what you like. You now have a .xml file of the mofo blogs – probably in your downloads folder. Go to your reader of choice and follow its instructions for importing blogs. It should ask you to select a file…that’s the VeganMoFo file you saved! There are a lot of blogs, so it may take your reader a few minutes to import them all.There are a lot of blogs, so it may take your reader a few minutes to import them all.

Click Here for .OPML File Link

See ya!

xo kittee

The Ghost of MoFo Yet to Come.

The Ghost of MoFo Yet to Come.

I just ate a nice handful of roasted hazelnuts mixed with white chocolate chips, so it’s most likely them talkin’, but I thought y’all might like a peeksy into The MoFo That is to Come. Also, did you know our numbers are above 456? It’s uh-uh-mazing, we might even crash the internet with all of our sweet potato, pecan pie, veganizing wizardry that is about to bubble over. Here are some trick or treat tidbits for ya, since it’s best to be prepared for the unknown, lest it sneaks up on you and smacks you in the behind [insert secret handshake here].

Your eyes shall bedazzle when you see how international we have become;   Ze MoFo World includes:  Spain, South Africa, Australia, UK, Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Philippines, Japan, France, Egypt, Denmark, French West Indies, Israel and even West Virginia!  (Please let me know if I made any gaping holes. )  Also,  MoFo won’t be broadcast in English alone, oh-no-no-no, it shall come through in German, Czech, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic and even  Gluten-Freeize (thank you so much for not making me link to all of those–the gluten-freeize would be particularly challenging).

Here’s a beauty of a picture I stole from the super creative to the max River, from Wing-It Vegan— to make my post look good, obs.  And also, her quinoa is seriously scaring me to death with its nutrient denseness hangin’ out like that.

There is gonna be so much creative stuff going on that it hurts my brain to think about, and we even have Milkweed who will be drawing MoFo in comics–I will repeat and bold for those of you, who I know are skimming.  MILKWEED IS DRAWING ALL RECIPES ALL THE TIME IN COMICS.  I bet you already know Mofies can cook, but do you know they can really seriously cook–like really bang it out with publishers and test kitchens and everything?  Besides our super lovely Isa, we also have a slew of other vegan cookbook authors participating including Julie Hasson, Joni Marie Newman, Bryanna Clark Grogan, Louise Hagler (did I just type that outloud??!), Melisser Elliott, Joanna Vaught, Tamasin Noyes, Kelly Peloza, Alicia Simpson, Kris Holechek, Carla Kelly, Taymer Mason and probably more–but really with a count that high, who can keep track of the awesomeness?

This post made my bedazzled eyes bleed and my over taxed brain swell with encephalitis juice, thanks to your need for gossip and info-mation.  Plus, Isa is distracting me with her tempting tofu ball talk, when all I have to eat is leftover lentil-potato-spinach pottage.  Actually, that should be a tshirt, huh?  Isa went to Vegan MoFo, and all I got was leftover lentil pottage.

See ya around the block, bubs.

xo kittee

Vegan MoFo Blog Roll 2010

Vegan MoFo Blog Roll 2010

ETA: We currently have 324 blogs signed up to MoFo with us in November. The list below is partial and will be updated in it’s entirety on November 3rd (right after the deadline passes).

Here’s the Vegan MoFo IV Blog Roll as of 10.15.10 (241 blogs and counting–this list will be alphabetized and beautiful as soon as everyone is signed up).  So Far, Mofies are participating from Spain, South Africa, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, Poland, Korea, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, USA and Canada.
Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

MoFo is coming to an end and as the month of October comes to an end, most of the Northern Hemisphere is cooling off. For me, this time of year means getting cozy with a big bowl of soup.

Jes of Cupcake Punk cooks up a nicely spiced Curried Winter Squash Soup, perfect for using up the squash popping up at your local farmer’s market.

Curried Winter Squash Soup

Tom from Yours for Good Fermentables also uses squash in his Never Ending Veggie Pot o’ Soup, but also fortifies it with beer, something he knows plenty about. Dannibazaars Vegan Emporium veganizes a pumpkin soup from the Food Network, and Deb at Invisible Voices cooks up a recipe perfect for the autumn harvest.

Harvest Moon Soup

MoFoers also cooked lots of hearty bean soups and chili this week. Smacky Tomato fed her family a cannelini bean soup with my favorite vegetable, kale. Meanwhile, the Whole Food Vegan creates a three bean chili using heirloom beans. I have some beans in my pantry just begging to be used in this recipe! Beer makes another appearance in both the chili and bread at What Your Momma Didn’t Know. I’m not a beer drinker, but I love the taste it gives to certain foods! There is also a lovely raw chili featured at Fashion Peace while the chef at Intellectual Blackout uses hummus and lentils to create a yummy chowder.

Chili Photo 004

Kelly at Vegan Thyme lists miso as one of her reasons for being vegan, then uses it to whip up a hearty Miso Soba Noodle Soup while Cyn at What the Hell Does a Pink Haired Girl Eat? whips up a classic Potato Leek Soup from fellow blogger Jessy, who also enjoys some lovely soup with her sister at a local restaurant.

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the blogs this month, and I hope Vegan MoFo has been as inspiring for you as it has been for me!